Growing your Microsoft practice is easier than ever with the Pax8 Wingman CSP Program.

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Whether you’re new to Microsoft or already purchasing, Pax8 can help you get more out of Microsoft. Learn how the Wingman CSP Program simplifies your Microsoft experience to make it easy to adopt in-demand solutions, optimize your program participation, and find opportunities to sell more.

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  • Productivity, advanced security, and device management – all in one.

  • Adopt and unlock the potential of infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from Azure through Pax8.

  • See the whole business picture with unified CRM and ERP data and predictive insights.

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Don’t leave money on the table from Microsoft! We believe in rewarding Pax8 CSP partners for driving the activation and enablement of Microsoft clients. As your Cloud Wingman, we’ll show you how you can earn additional margins on net new Microsoft clients and navigate the complexities of Microsoft’s competencies, incentives, and rebates requirements.

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  • Mission Briefings help you build on your Microsoft foundations to create a secure, end-to-end technology stack with in-demand solutions.

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  • Bootcamps are two-day, deep-dive events designed to give partners the tools to build a robust Microsoft practice by helping you navigate the complexities of M365, Azure, and Dynamics.

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Microsoft for Nonprofits | Technology for Social Impact

To help partners deliver affordable and innovative cloud solutions to drive digital transformation for eligible nonprofit organizations, Microsoft has donations and discounts available for M365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 licensing, as well as training and resources to help them succeed.

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“Pax8 really takes cloud seriously. We truly feel like we have a Wingman when it comes to our Microsoft business. Their Microsoft CSP Program makes Pax8 stand out.”

LAN Infotech

“Pax8 knows Microsoft better than any distributor on the market today. With Pax8, we always know which rebates apply to us, product navigation, and overall value. Their expertise with Microsoft was a key consideration when moving our business to Pax8.”


“Our first experience was so hands-on when we moved all of our Microsoft Office 365 seats under Pax8 management. Since then, we’ve seen 5 times the growth. We couldn’t do this without Pax8.”

HCS Technical Services

“Pax8 mapped a way for us to easily move to Microsoft 365 Business, which took a lot of work off of our team members. Within the Pax8 Platform, we have a quick dashboard to know who is using what technology, and clients can be converted with the click of a button.”


“Pax8 simplified the Microsoft Azure process, making it easy for us to build out our Azure practice. They worked with us, side by side, and even helped us build out a Statement of Work for our clients so we could sell it better. It’s like Pax8 is an extension of our business — always available to help.”

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For Microsoft projects, such as email migrations or Azure implementations, that are too time-consuming or complicated to tackle alone, take advantage of our Professional Services.