Pax8 increases 42Support’s efficiencies through world-class business support


Lack of business support from legacy distribution

42Support provides managed services to its clients, including project support and cybersecurity. But when new ownership provided an opportunity for 42Support to reexamine their processes and vendor offerings, they felt unsupported by legacy distribution and knew they needed a change.

“Our distributor wasn’t offering us any value, and they didn’t provide an opportunity to scale our support the way we needed to. Pax8 was instantly attractive because of the help they provide with vendors.”
– Collin Farmer, Chief Executive Officer, 42Support

After an introductory call with Pax8, 42Support found what they were looking for and transitioned their Microsoft 365 accounts. Soon after, 42Support unlocked new possibilities with the dedicated support and automation features offered by Pax8.


Modern cloud marketplace with a focus on automation and tailored support

42Support quickly saw the financial and operational benefits of utilizing the Pax8 cloud Marketplace of trusted, best-in-class vendors. With the help of their dedicated account manager and Pax8 events, 42Support has added to their line card and kept their clients secure through the ever-changing threats in the modern IT landscape.

“Our account manager has helped provide solutions we didn’t know we needed. Pax8 is really a one-stop shop with all the integration and automation we need. They are always upfront and honest, and we appreciate the focus on our needs.”
– Collin Farmer, Chief Executive Officer, 42Support

This dedicated one-to-one support from their account manager was supplemented with the Pax8 signature 24/7 technical support and internal expertise across vendor solutions, ensuring that 42Support felt confident that Pax8 could help drive business growth through timely assistance.


Automated billing reduces time and costs

Pax8 doesn’t just make procuring licenses and working with vendors easy. Pax8 also reduces operational time and expenses through automated billing. 42Support no longer dedicates hours to client invoices since switching to Pax8, freeing up their time to invest more in their employee experience and ensuring accurate and timely support for their clients.

“We can pinpoint margins better than ever, which helps us assess gaps to cover costs. The automation is very insightful and provides us with critical forecasting capabilities.”
– Collin Farmer, Chief Executive Officer, 42Support

Accurate invoicing also enables 42Support to efficiently understand their revenue, leading to real-time adjustments to client services and improved insight into their bottom line and profit margins.

Community of peers and experts lead business transformation

42Support’s partnership with Pax8 goes beyond technical expertise and has also led to a transformation in the professional acumen of their leaders, employees, and operations. Through participation in Pax8 peer group programming, 42Support has found a welcoming community of MSPs and Pax8 experts dedicated to enabling business and professional development.

“I knew a lot about engineering and tech, but I didn’t know a lot about running a business. I was at a point where I needed someone to talk to, and the peer group has really given me a place to grow as a business owner and know I’m not alone in anything I’m going through.”
– Collin Farmer, Chief Executive Officer, 42Support

As 42Support continues to see success with Pax8 Peer Groups, they will also enroll in courses through Pax8 Academy. 42Support knows the courses will help refine and recreate their processes to provide even better services to their clients.


Revenues and business maturity point to long-term future growth

Two years ago, 42Support was undergoing ownership changes and just beginning to examine how they could build on their success for the future. 42Support has a supportive community guiding them as they grow and strengthen their business.

“We’ve seen a night and day shift in our workplace culture since partnering with Pax8. We’re adding processes and procedures as we’re learning, and those are directly benefiting our clients every day.”
– Collin Farmer, Chief Executive Officer, 42Support

The partnership between Pax8 and 42Support has enabled the technological excellence needed in today’s digital workplaces while also realizing the needs of MSPs looking to grow their revenue and elevate their service offerings.

About 42Support

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