Alliance Solutions partners moves from break-fix to full-service with help from Pax8


The difficulties of moving from break-fix to a managed services business model

Alliance Solutions Partners prides itself on its dedication to treating all clients with the utmost care and support. They saw the tides of change riding through the industry and knew they needed to move towards offering managed services but didn’t know where to begin.

“We didn’t know enough about how to move forward, but we knew we were behind others in the industry. Seeing how we could transform was scary, and we knew we needed help to get there.”
-Ashley Robins, Business Manager, Alliance Solutions Partners

Relationships with other distributors didn’t provide the long-term guidance Alliance Solutions Partners needed, and the company was looking for a change as they entered new service models.


One of a kind tech and community support

Alliance Solutions Partners met Pax8 at a roadshow event in 2018 and were quickly impressed by the billing and automation offerings available within the Pax8 Marketplace. Once they transitioned their Microsoft 365 licenses to Pax8 from their previous distributor, they realized the benefits of a Pax8 partnership went far beyond license procurement.

“We started with one demo, and from there, we just started growing as a business alongside Pax8. The Pax8 team learns your systems and your clients, and they care about their partners as much as they care about their operations.”
-Ashley Robins, Business Manager, Alliance Solutions Partners

The dedicated account managers and experienced technical support specialists at Pax8 anticipated problems and worked quickly to resolve issues when they occurred, allowing Alliance Solutions Partners to focus their attention on business operations.


Empowered business outlook through peer groups and Pax8 Academy

Alliance Solutions Partners began their involvement in peer-group programming soon after joining Pax8. Peer Groups connect partners of similar backgrounds for in-person group sessions to discuss their businesses in an environment built for tough questions and honest conversations.

“Without the help of these groups, I can honestly say that we would not be where we are today as a company. It has helped us build our culture and increase productivity tenfold. Participating in Pax8 events leaves you with the tools and ideas your business needs to grow.”
-Ashley Robins, Business Manager, Alliance Solutions Partners

Participation in Peer Groups enabled Alliance Solutions Partners to begin offering managed services while moving away from its traditional break-fix model. They valued the community built by Pax8 as a priceless benefit for their individual and company-wide growth.

Reduced time spent on billing and workflow

Before the impact of Peer Groups and Pax8 Academy programming became clear, Alliance Solutions Partners was already impressed with consolidated billing at Pax8. The billing system halved Alliance Solutions Partners’ time on invoices and ensured automated efficiencies for them and their clients.

“The minute we first heard Pax8 talk about easy, consolidated billing, we said yes and signed up. It’s lived up to what we want, and the billing platform makes our operations much smoother.”
-Ashley Robins, Business Manager, Alliance Solutions Partners

Alliance Solutions Partners also utilizes Pax8 Academy to reduce their staff’s in-house training and onboarding time. On-demand and live instruction through Pax8 Academy’s experts have enabled technical staff at Alliance Solutions Partners to grow and better support their clients’ needs.


Total transformation in business structure and opportunity

Before Pax8, Alliance Solutions Partners was hesitantly stepping towards a future of managed services. Four years later, Alliance Solutions Partners is a full-service managed service provider with a steady, ongoing revenue stream and the support of an entire community of professionals behind them.

“My advice to anyone looking to move away from break-fix is to go to Pax8 Peer Groups. They have shown us a light at the end of the tunnel for our business that we didn’t see before. Those groups have gotten us through lots of trial and error, and we still benefit greatly from participation.”
-Ashley Robins, Business Manager, Alliance Solutions Partners

The Alliance Solutions Partners and Pax8 partnership has completely transformed Alliance Solutions Partners’ business model and has given their staff the education and enablement they need to uphold their commitment to their clients.

About Alliance Solutions

Alliance Solutions Partners is a small business IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) and consulting firm supporting clients in the Greater Houston area. They work closely with their clients to understand their business needs and help them grow confidently and securely with IT solutions and cybersecurity compliance.

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