Innovative computing systems garners unprecedented growth with help from Pax8 and AWS


Desire for more partner opportunities to grow AWS business

Innovative Computing Systems (ICS) was founded in 1989 with the goal of providing best-in-business technology services to law firms and legal departments. As the trend towards hybrid work continues to push outside of the traditional office space, ICS has helped many of their clients transition to AWS cloud services to support their need for secure, flexible infrastructure as they grow.

“We’ve been AWS partners for more than a decade. We’ve done dozens of migrations and learned a lot along the way. We knew there were still things to learn and improve on, and we decided to partner with Pax8 to grow and develop our knowledge and ability even further.”
– Eric Hoffmaster, Chief Operations Officer

ICS has a strong technical background and built their AWS offerings over time. But the provider knew they were missing out on potential partner benefits and opportunities to grow their business beyond their current state.


Pax8 Marketplace enables secure Cloud Systems

Innovative Computing Systems has utilized the Pax8 Marketplace for six years, returning year after year due to their tangible growth and dedicated support. When Pax8 and AWS announced an agreement to bring the best-in-class suite of AWS cloud services to the marketplace, ICS transitioned all their cloud infrastructure clients to Pax8. Now, they look forward to continuing serving their clients with cloud solutions while taking advantage of all the benefits of their Pax8 partnership.

“Pax8 has really helped demystify transactions and vendor relationships in the past. When we shifted our AWS clients to Pax8, we did so because we knew how much the Pax8 experience already helped other aspects of our business.”
– Eric Hoffmaster, Chief Operations Officer

ICS has enabled many clients, including the law firm of Pearson, Simon & Warshaw, LLP, to utilize the full benefits of the AWS cloud. When the firm’s servers were at the end of their life, the leaders knew they were at a crossroads: remain with their on-premise technology or move to the cloud. With AWS offerings available from the Pax8 Marketplace, ICS made that transition smooth and easy. What’s more, it became circumstantially necessary when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe.

“Nobody could have predicted that a worldwide pandemic would be the first business disruption we would face. So many firms – especially the small ones – had no idea what to do. We were so fortunate to be able to safely continue operations and serve our clients.”
– Pearson, Simon & Warshaw, LLP partner Dan Warshaw


Automated billing and oversight across all clients

One of many Pax8 signature features is simplified, automated billing across accounts. As ICS has seen over the course of their six-year partnership, this automation keeps accounts in order without the labor-intensive processes they used to rely on with in-house accounting.

“Having to report on margins and keep up with all the numbers on your own can get dicey really fast. Pax8 keeps everything streamlined, and now we also get their insight into the AWS partner program to further help us understand potential discounts and benefits. The time investment to try and do this on our own would be enormous.”
– Eric Hoffmaster, Chief Operations Officer

The increased efficiency has returned precious time to ICS to continue to empower legal departments and law firms as they work from the cloud. Those efficiencies also return time they can spend with potential clients as they show the benefits of AWS to legal professionals still utilizing traditional on-premise systems.

Partner-driven experts dedicated to small business success

ICS has learned firsthand how dedicated Pax8 is to the success of its Partners. For years, their Pax8 account manager has recommended vendor solutions to problems and gaps ICS hadn’t seen before conversations with Pax8. Now, with the combined power of Pax8 and AWS, Innovative Computing Systems will be able to build an even deeper understanding of their business, all while continuing to empower legal professionals with the cloud technology they need to be successful.

“We tell current and potential clients all the time that cloud infrastructure provides mobility and security in a work-from-home world. With AWS and Pax8, we’re confident the firms and legal departments we serve are going continue to get the best support we can offer.”
– Eric Hoffmaster, Chief Operations Officer

The law firm of Pearson, Simon & Warshaw, LLP learned the profound value of AWS when they left on-premise technology behind for virtual servers and cloud-based storage. The firm’s employees are now capable of working from home, the office, or anywhere without risking their clients’ confidential data.


Targeted growth for service providers and their SMB clients

Innovative Computing Systems estimates their total revenue has grown 15 percent each year they have been a Pax8 Partner. That growth has now entered a new phase with AWS services in the Pax8 Marketplace. As ICS grows, they know their end user clients will as well. They will be able to continue providing support and guidance to law firms such as Pearson, Simon & Warshaw, LLP while strengthening their ability to serve new clients.

“The Pax8 and AWS partnership is going to open up a whole new opportunity for us to streamline all of our operations while tapping into new potential clients with Pax8 and AWS support. We’re looking to grow our AWS business considerably in the next year and we’re excited to do it with Pax8.”
– Eric Hoffmaster, Chief Operations Officer

With the power of AWS now available in the innovative Pax8 Marketplace, ICS can strengthen their own practices while bolstering the ability of the legal sector to work safely and securely from anywhere.

About Innovative Computing Systems

Innovative Computing Systems, Inc., has primarily focused on the technology needs of law firms since 1989, and those skill sets have been sought out by entities such as municipalities, corporate environments, and professional services organizations. Headquartered in Austin, TX, Innovative Computing Systems takes a best-of-breed approach to all its offerings, selecting only premier technology partners to provide solutions to its clients and is committed to maintaining long-term strategic relationships with them to ensure the highest levels of success, both in productivity and with IT initiatives. Learn more by visiting the Innovative Computing Systems website.

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