Leading MSP strengthens technology and operational practices


Needing to gain broader security expertise in real time

Overview Technology Solutions provides innovation to businesses requiring strong regulatory compliance. Industries they serve include banking, medical, and government agencies. Like many providers, Overview works to keep security issues top-of-mind for their clients, but they also wanted to deliver solutions that went beyond the typical technology stack.

“As technology professionals, we tend to feel ‘bad’ about not knowing everything the moment the information becomes available. However, our security world changes every day, and we just have to keep learning. Sharing real-world experiences with our community of partners is paramount to growing and improving.”
-Marc Menzies, President and Chief Technology Officer

Overview wanted to provide the best security maintenance, guidance, and solution stacks to their clients. But working directly with vendors that offered minimal support left them wanting more for their business.


A cloud community dedicated to growth and operational efficiency

After meeting at a boardroom presentation during an XChange conference, Overview instantly felt a deeper connection with Pax8 than they’d experienced with other vendor partners. And the team got off to a fast start by engaging with Pax8 Academy courses and events while connecting with supportive peer groups and partner cohorts.

“Pax8 community programs are excellent, making everyone feel like they belong. We know we have enablement and education available whenever we are ready for it through [Pax8] Academy. I appreciate and respect how Pax8 inspires others to be the best they can be.”
-Marc Menzies, President and Chief Technology Officer

Participating in the Pax8 community has helped Overview gain valuable insights, quickly elevating their understanding of best practices in security and overall business operations.


Advanced automation and integration capabilities

Along with the ability to connect with other providers and grow business practices, Overview also needed a marketplace that provided access to high-quality vendors. Best-in-class integration and automation features from Pax8 helped save Overview time and effort in the search for solid technology partnerships.

“We keep coming back because Pax8 has proven themselves time and time again to offer great systems. They care about partner feedback and constantly involve us in improvements and problem resolution.”
-Marc Menzies, President and Chief Technology Officer

Pax8 support continued with dedicated account managers and technical support teams quickly managing problems when they arise, giving Overview more time to focus on their business.

Trusted cloud marketplace

Overview prides itself on agility in an ever-changing security landscape. This sense of speed and efficiency is also reflected in the Pax8 Marketplace. The intensive vendor approval and onboarding process creates confidence that any vendor selected will meet the high expectations of Overview and its clients.

“We know the stringent process vendors go through at Pax8, and we know the Pax8 Marketplace will provide the solutions we need and the vendors we can trust.”
-Marc Menzies, President and Chief Technology Officer

Overview consistently looks to the Pax8 Marketplace for trusted, innovative partners that can keep their solution stacks relevant and ready for whatever the future may bring.


Long-term growth through advanced certifications

The Pax8 commitment to growing its MSP partners has enabled Overview to pursue advanced certification opportunities, including certified security assessments. The company is now a candidate for CMMC Third-Party Assessor Organization status through Cyber AB. And Overview continues to bolster its credentials, adding new business opportunities that had previously seemed out of reach.

“We have seen incredible growth working with Pax8 in four short years, and the difference is night and day. Pax8 significantly contributes to our growth and maturity as a team and business. We’re excited to continue our growth in security assessments and offerings.”
-Marc Menzies, President and Chief Technology Officer

In four years working with Pax8, Overview has grown its staff five times over and has quadrupled its yearly revenue, all while maturing its technical and business practices. They hold Pax8 as a model for fostering relationships and delivering quality solutions proven to drive future growth.

About Overview

Overview Technology Solutions, Inc. is a cybersecurity-focused hybrid solutions provider that provides managed and professional services. Headquartered on Long Island, NY, we support all manner of organizations across the tri-state area and beyond with advanced solutions including the essentials of servers and networking, managed cloud and backup, telecommunications, compliance, intrusion prevention and testing, and much more.

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