Red Key partners with Pax8 to build a strong cloud business


A plan for growth and a need for modern distribution

Since 2002, Red Key Solutions has provided IT tools for businesses in construction, finance, and manufacturing. As the provider grew to fully contracted managed services, Red Key began to utilize a marketplace for some of its offerings. But it quickly became clear that a true partnership was needed to achieve the high technical standards required by their customers.
During an industry event, Red Key met with Pax8 representatives to describe their need for technical expertise, responsiveness, and best-in-class vendors. These factors were critical to serving their clients.


Embracing the future of cloud commerce

Pax8 quickly proved to be more than a traditional distributor by simplifying the provisioning of cloud products. The team delivered world-class support along with a sense of innovation demonstrated through strong integration capabilities. Red Key started with Microsoft 365 licensing and later added Azure. And Pax8 automated billing helped Red Key get off to a fast start with cloud technology.

“Not everyone wants everything automated, but we do. The Pax8 integration with ConnectWise and their automated billing system keep us coming back every year.”
– Paul Grenci, President, Red Key Solutions

At every step of growth, Pax8 billing and automation have streamlined processes while creating confidence that Red Key could successfully grow with the needs of their clients.


Learning and education accelerates transformation

Red Key made the most of learning opportunities by exploring business development courses from Pax8 Academy. The team spent six months deeply analyzing their entire service and operations practices. On-demand learning, instructor-led courses, and expert business coaching delivered the guidance required to create change. Red Key was now prepared for the future with a fresh outlook on business processes and powerful new tools to help execute their goals.

“We spent ten to twelve months, and we tore everything down and built it all back up. The process led to leaps in our maturity on metrics measurement and how we manage change. It’s a huge learning opportunity for any organization.”
– Paul Grenci, President, Red Key Solutions

Pax8 educational opportunities ensured Red Key was ready to refocus their go-to-market strategy and sharpen their approach to cloud services, all while maintaining the high level of dedication their clients had come to expect.

Responsive support from a true partner

The relationship is powered by US-based 24/7 support from Pax8. Dedicated service delivery managers and knowledgeable sales reps took the time to understand Red Key as a business, and the team responded quickly when any issues arose. This commitment has built deep trust between Red Key and their account manager.

“We always check with Pax8 first when we are looking to offer new services. When we talk with our account manager, we know we’re getting honest advice about our business.”
– Paul Grenci, President, Red Key Solutions

Red Key has also made the most of strategic advice from Pax8. The guidance even extended to new product offerings and vendor recommendations. This innovative thinking helps Red Key stay one step ahead in the world of cloud technology.


Experiencing real growth and new possibilities

Red Key has achieved nearly 20 percent annual growth for over a decade, and the partnership with Pax8 has kept their growth manageable and scalable.

“We grow with Pax8, and our relationship has only gotten deeper over the years as we have continued that growth.”

– Paul Grenci, President, Red Key Solutions

From efficient technology integration and automated billing to continued learning and expert guidance, Pax8 has helped Red Key transform into a mature business with unlimited potential.

About Red Key Solutions

Red Key Solutions is a leading managed IT provider supporting Westchester County, New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut since 2002. The company structure networks, hardware, and software to maximize the efficiency and stability of its clients. They provide ongoing support, strategy, and management, enabling clients to focus on growing their business. Red Key brings attention to detail and a proven process to help make clients more successful.

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