The cloud should be an experience, where the right team and the right technology come together to provide the air cover you need to take flight and succeed.

That’s why you need a Wingman.

optimized for partners


Pax8 offers 24/7, US-based technical support from dedicated service delivery managers. As our partners’ single point of support, we’re there for you whenever you need us.


Mission Briefings help you strategically expand your tech stack, Microsoft Bootcamps dive deep into M365, Azure, or Dynamics, and Pax8 Academy offers cloud training and certifications.


For projects that are just too complex or time-consuming to tackle alone, take advantage of our white-labeled Professional Services.

fueled by the platform

simplifying cloud management

The Pax8 Platform integrates with Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Syncro, Tigerpaw, and RepairShopr — so you can manage everything from the convenience of your preferred PSA tool.

consolidating your billing

We consolidate monthly, annual, and usage-based billing into a single invoice. And by eliminating manual processing, Pax8 partners save an average of 7-10 hours per month.

provisioning solutions instantly

We integrate with all our vendors’ APIs to fully automate the process and offer the industry’s fastest provisioning.

For cloud projects that are too time-consuming or complicated to tackle alone, take advantage of our Professional Services to serve as an extension of your team.

Mission Briefings help you build on your Microsoft foundations to create a secure, end-to-end technology stack with in-demand solutions. Our Mission Briefings have gone virtual to ensure you can still get the same Wingman Experience and the same valuable content to help you expand your tech stack and grow your business!

Bootcamps are two-day, deep-dive events designed to help partners navigate the complexities of adopting and deploying M365, Azure, and Dynamics. Our Bootcamps have gone virtual to ensure you still get the same Wingman Experience and valuable content to help you succeed with M365, Azure, and Dynamics!

“Pax8 really is our Wingman, and it’s so cool to see it in action. We know we couldn’t scale like that unless we had Pax8. They do everything they say they’re going to do, and more.”

HCS Technical Services

“The Pax8 partnership is a huge value-add for our business. Their Wingman philosophy is a true depiction of how Pax8 works with our company, and their level of engagement is worth its weight in gold… It’s like Pax8 is an extension of our business — always available to help.”

Technical Adventures

“It’s really nice to have a dedicated Cloud Solutions Advisor (CSA). I just pick up the phone and call them if I need anything. Pax8 also provides good terms and support from the vendors they partner with. We couldn’t ask for a better Wingman.”


“Pax8 simplified the entire process — from billing to support — and helped us make some great margin for our business in the process. We’re flying high with Pax8 as our Wingman.”

Visual Edge IT

the right team.
the right technology.
the right partnership.

Our team supports you 24/7 on your cloud journey, while the Pax8 Platform brings every piece of your cloud technology stack into an easy-to-use platform. Ultimately, our mission is to empower you to be a Wingman to your clients.

MSP Foundations

Learn the fundamentals to drive MSP success

Master the details you need to run a successful MSP. By course end you’ll be able to make business decisions based on financials, optimize your service delivery, and establish a repeatable sales process.


What You’ll Learn: 

– Establishing service delivery standards 

– Understanding Profit and Loss (P&L) statements 

– Driving profitable growth 


Who Should Enroll: 

– MSPs with less than 5 employees 

– An MSP less than 2 years old 

– A solo shop looking to grow