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Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection

Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection offers a quick, straightforward, and highly effective way to secure the DNS protocol connection against compromise.
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**Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection** offers a quick, straightforward, and highly effective way to secure the DNS protocol connection against compromise. With advanced reporting and 82 URL categories, admins gain greater visibility than ever, reduce risk, and can tailor usage policies to their organization's unique needs. **Key Features** * Blocks threats at the domain level - 82+ URL categories give you granular, policy-based control to automatically block dangerous and questionable sites (such as Malware and Adult) or unwanted sites (such as streaming media). * Industry leading web classification - Webroot BrightCloud threat intelligence backs all Webroot products, and is trusted by over 40 leading technology vendors to enhance their services. * Enable policies by IP - Pre-configured and custom policies protect users on corporate and guest networks, across Windows, Linux, Apple, and Android devices. **Key Benefits** * Reduces costs relating to infections - Saves time and money, while also minimizing unproductive web usage. * Provides full threat visibility - Drill down into reports on all threats the business would've been susceptible to without DNS Protection in place * No hardware or software to integrate - A fully cloud-based, secure, and resilient service that takes just minutes to set up. **Webroot SecureAnywhere DNS Protection**, which requires Webroot Secure Anywhere Business Endpoint Protection, is purpose-built to help MSPs solve the need for better internet security. By providing cloud-based, domain layer security that protects users externally, rather than relying entirely on the endpoint, providers can ensure that most internet threats are contained before they even reach the client's network. The service is backed by the Webroot® Threat Intelligence Platform, a proprietary cloud-based security analysis architecture designed for multi-vector protection across all our solutions and services. This platform captures massive amounts of data from millions of global sensors and real-world endpoints, as well as other verified sources, then analyzes and classifies that data within the cloud using advanced machine learning and behavioral heuristics. The DNS Protection management console is directly integrated into the Global Site Manager endpoint security console for MSPs. It appears as a separate option against each client site, and enables administrators to finely tune web access policies using both global and site- based policies. By using the intuitive drop-down menu to fill in a few client and site IP address details, then performing an easy command line service validation test, the service is live and operational right away. Each client IP address can be given a different policy, so securing a client's guest network or applying more granular site policies is smooth and straightforward.

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