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Veritas Enterprise Vault Mailbox

Veritas Enterprise Vault Mailbox protects against the disruption and data loss that can result from an email outage.
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Email Archiving
**Veritas Enterprise Vault Mailbox** provides an affordable standby email failover system that activates in minutes, providing virtually uninterrupted access to email in the event of a mail server outage. **Key Features** * Rapid activation * Always-on data synchronization * Administrator control over failover and restore process * Rapid restoration of email following an outage * Preserves Email Metadata during an outage **Key Benefits** * Can be activated in minutes, providing employees with email and mobile access during an outage. * Avoids burdening IT staff by automatically synchronizing corporate directories and user accounts. For Microsoft users, the service also synchronizes contacts, calendars, and distribution lists. * Delivers quick restoration of sent and received email data to your primary system, reducing system complexity and administrative headaches. * Allows administrators to initiate continuity for specific servers, storage groups or mailboxes and control the order in which they come back online. * Restores messages to the email server with metadata intact (including date/time stamps, BCC recipients, and read/unread status), which may provide forensic data for legal purposes. Veritas Enterprise Vault Mailbox​ is synchronized with your primary email system including contacts, calendars, distribution lists, and global address lists. During an outage, users continue to access email functionality through Outlook, a BlackBerry device, or a Web browser. Email, contacts, and calendar items are automatically resynchronized when the primary email system is back online. Data is secured in transit and when stored in data centers by advanced encryption technologies.

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