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Symantec VIP

Symantec Validation and ID Protection (VIP) Service is a cloud-based authentication service that protects enterprises from unauthorized account access above and beyond simple username and password with an additional factor of authentication.
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Identity & Password Management
**Symantec Validation and ID Protection** Service is a cloud-based strong authentication service. The service enables organizations to augment traditional password-based authentication with an additional layer of authentication, be it risk-based authentication, two-factor credentials, or a combination of both - helping protect the organization’s network and applications from unauthorized access. **Key Features** * Cloud-based infrastructure—Secure, reliable, and scalable service delivers authentication without requiring dedicated on-premises server hardware * Delivers strong authentication to enterprises desiring stronger security than just user name and password for access to their application. Options include OTP credentials (hardware, software, mobile), out-of-band support, and tokenless VIP Access Push and risk-based authentication. * Web services provides an easy interface for the service * Easily integrates with popular enterprise VPNs, webmail, SSO applications, and corporate directories. **Key Benefits** * An array of authentication options including Push, out-of- band, device ID & risk-based analysis, and traditional OTP using a variety of credential form factors, including mobile phone based software tokens, to suit any end user's preference * Highly scalable, available service to deliver 2FA in a SaaS model. The service infrastructure also enables credential sharing across multiple applications, easy delivery of new capabilities, and integration with other Symantec solutions to stay ahead of emerging threats. * Proven solution that is easy and cost-effective to deploy – eliminates the expense of deploying and maintaining a dedicated on-premises authentication infrastructure * Free, downloadable software credential for desktops and mobile phones means little to no hardware token expenditures

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