Symantec Email

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Symantec Email combines advanced email antivirus and antispam capabilities in an easy to manage solution.

Symantec Email combines advanced email antivirus and antispam capabilities in an easy to manage solution that requires no on-site hardware or software.

Key Features

  • Email antimalware – provides protection against phishing and targeted attacks, with real-time link following
  • Virus and spam protection – captures over 99% of spam (95% for email with double-byte characters) and protects against 100% of known and unknown viruses delivered via email.
  • Outbound email filtering – supports email policy enforcement through examination of outbound email content.
  • Message tracing – enables administrators to trace a specific email and determine if and when it was processed and the action taken.
  • Advanced reporting – administrators can choose between summary (.pdf) or detailed (.csv) reporting

Key Benefits

  • Protects users and the network from email-borne malware, viruses, and spam
  • Easy to deploy, manage, and use
  • Supports industry and regulatory compliance requirements
  • integrates with all mailbox services including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and on-premises or hosted Microsoft Exchange

Symantec Email is a key part of an integrated approach to securing and managing email, web, and instant messaging traffic. This service includes an industry-leading SLA that covers 100% protection again known and unknown viruses and a 99% spam capture rate (95% for email with double-byte characters).

Email protection is backed by the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which gathers threat intelligence from millions of desktops, servers, and networks around the globe. This combination of intelligence gives the service visibility beyond just email into new and emerging threats which will allow it to deliver effective and accurate protection. Symantec Email also goes beyond basic email filtering with features like outbound message filtering and on-demand Transport Layer Security (TLS).

The product is enabled with Real-Time Link Following technology, which can track a link to its final destination and protect an organization from receiving email messages that contain links to malicious content. This protects against new and malicious URLs created to target an organization through phishing or spear phishing attempts, blocking the email before it reaches the inbox.


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