Symantec Policy Based Encryption Advanced

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Symantec Policy Based Encryption Advanced enables secure, private email communications.

Symantec Policy Based Encryption Advanced enables secure, private email communications without requiring hardware or software on site.

Key Features

  • Encrypts email communications delivered over the Internet using technologies such as TLS and AES
  • Enforced TLS option encrypts all emails between two organizations
  • Policy-based option encrypts emails to any recipient and supports multiple delivery models
  • Requires no on-site hardware or software
  • Works seamlessly with messaging security products
  • Comprehensive subscription service with predictable costs

Key Benefits

  • Secure, private email communications with business partners and customers
  • Establishes a secure, private network
  • Enables users to apply granular policies for protecting sensitive information
  • Easy to deploy and administer with no need to manage keys and certificates
  • Can be deployed as part of a broader solution for securing and managing email
  • Replaces large upfront capital expenditures with a simple subscription fee that includes 24x7 support

Symantec Policy Based Encryption Advanced (formerly Symantec Policy Based Encryption Advanced can encrypt all emails between your organization and select business partners, or encrypt individual emails to any recipient based on pre-defined policies.

The flexible cloud-based service secures your communications regardless of the recipient's mail technology, and encrypted mail can be read on all devices. This robust service incorporates multiple encryption methods and can be used with no effect on user behavior.


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