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Nuvolex ManageX Platform

The Nuvolex ManageX Platform is the IT industry’s most advanced Multitenant XaaS Management Platform. The ManageX platform was built specifically for Managed Service Providers, enabling them to heavily automate the provisioning and daily administration of users, licenses and attributes across all customers and the Microsoft cloud workloads they consume.
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The **Nuvolex ManageX Platform** is the IT industry’s most advanced Multitenant XaaS Management Platform. The ManageX platform was built specifically for Managed Service Providers, enabling them to heavily automate the provisioning and daily administration of users, licenses and attributes across all customers and the Microsoft cloud workloads they consume. **Key Features** * Multi-Tenant Management * IT Workflow Automation * License Management * Hybrid Identity Management * Advanced Role Base Access Control * Audit and Compliance * Reporting **Key Benefits** * Manage all Microsoft users/licenses/VMs from a “single pane of glass” administration portal * Perform daily administration of all Microsoft cloud workloads with simple mouse clicks * Easily manage user identities, whether in Azure AD or on-premises AD, from one secure location * Create very granular IT administrator access rights for each managed customer * Track and monitor all IT administrator activity * Report on license consumption across all Microsoft cloud workloads * Licensed based *Per Admin* pricing model The powerful **Nuvolex ManageX Platform** automates the most common SaaS, IaaS and device administrative tasks with advanced workflow orchestration. Administrators can perform multiple license and attribute assignments across any number of users with a few simple mouse clicks. The Nuvolex SuperClick batch automation provisioning engine enables administrators to easily push bulk updates to any number of end users and tenants for Office 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Azure. **Multi-Tenant Management** The multitenant management capabilities of the ManageX platform enable MSPs to manage all end customer tenants from a single administration portal. IT administrators can easily move from tenant to tenant, quickly resolving service requests made by numerous end customers. The ManageX multitenant management capabilities enable your IT administrators to be highly responsive and ensures fast turnaround time for service request remediation. The Multitenant SuperClick batch automation engine provides the ability to push multiple service configuration changes (auditing settings, password policies) to any number of end customer tenants in just a few mouse clicks. Service configurations can be saved as a template to reuse later to quickly implement consistent and compliant configuration policies for all the end customer tenants that MSPs manage. **IT Workflow Automation** Nuvolex streamlines daily Microsoft 365 and Azure administrative tasks through a highly intuitive interface, designed to simplify the complexity of managing multiple Microsoft cloud services across multiple end customer tenants with varying configurations and requirements. ManageX consolidates the various administration portals and management tasks for Azure AD, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype4Business, OneDrive, Teams, and Intune into a single easy to use management portal. IT administrators can also leverage the platform to manage Azure VMs. ManageX equips IT administrators with a comprehensive and very powerful management platform that that helps them remediate cloud service administration requests quickly and with minimal effort. **License Management** ManageX also greatly simplifies license assignments, enabling MSPs to easily assign any number of Microsoft cloud licenses to any number of users, using simple mouse clicks. ManageX completely eliminates the need for complex PowerShell scripting to assign or update any Microsoft cloud licenses. The platform provides IT administrators with insights into how Microsoft licenses are deployed and consumed across the customer base. IT administrators can drill in on individual customers to gain granular license consumption details or get an aggregated license consumption overview across all customers under management. **Hybrid Identity Management** ManageX has the unique capability of managing any user identity type, either sourced from Active Directory (AD) or Azure AD. This hybrid identity management capability allows IT administrators to easily manage all customers from one administration console, regardless of where the user identities are sourced. The Nuvolex platform’s identity management capabilities range from user provisioning and offboarding, to daily changes likes password resets, attribute updates and permissions changes. ManageX enables IT administrators to also easily manage cloud-based Security and Distribution Groups as well as Organizational Unit (OU) Hierarchies, and supports several different AD topology scenarios. **Advanced Role Based Access Control** With advanced Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), MSPs can delegate granular IT administrator access rights to their Support Desk and senior IT across all customers. The platform enables MSPs to easily create custom privileged access roles for each IT administrator or team in your organization. With these controls, IT administrators can only manage the tenants, users and appropriate delegated rights that are associated with the role assigned to them, protecting MSPs and their end customers from unfettered administrative freedom. **Audit & Compliance** Nuvolex automatically tracks all IT administrator activity for Office 365, as well as Azure infrastructure and Intune device actions to ensure that your audit and compliance requirements are met for all the workloads you manage for your customers. Anytime an administrator performs any action on the Nuvolex platform, the platform automatically captures and saves the action in an activity log. Activity logs can be easily exported for archival purposes or used in existing change management or compliance workflows. **Reporting** Nuvolex provides out-of-the-box reporting that goes well beyond what is available in the Microsoft administration portal. The platform also provides the ability to generate reports on demand with the latest information, allowing you to take immediate, informed and data-driven action. Usage data for all your Microsoft customers is aggregated into a single place using the Nuvolex platform. Management teams now can gain complete usage visibility across all Microsoft cloud services and customers in just a few mouse clicks.

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