Infrascale Exchange Granular Recovery

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Infrascale Exchange Granular Recovery offers rapid recovery of mailboxes, folders, messages, and attachments.

Infrascale Exchange Granular Recovery is the mailbox recovery software that saves time, money, and resource_files when recovering Microsoft® Exchange Server data.

Key Features

  • Individual mailbox restore - Exchange Granular Recovery can slash restore time, making it possible to restore mail items from a previous full backup directly into your production Exchange Server, or directly into a new or existing PST file. This eliminates the need for a recovery server and the extra steps required to separately import mail back into Exchange Server or Microsoft® Office Outlook®.
  • Eliminates backups of an individual mailbox - Exchange Granular Recovery eliminates the need to back up individual mailboxes because they can be restored directly from an EDB file.
  • Minimizes the time to locate all email matching specific criteria - Exchange Granular Recovery includes an Advanced Find feature that can search across all mailboxes in an archive EDB file, rather than searching one mailbox at a time or bringing an old backup back online for analysis. And you can search by a variety of criteria, including keywords, subject, date and specific users.
  • Minimize storage space and the cost required to store and archive your backups - Because you don't need to back up mailboxes individually doing a brick-level backup, you eliminate the backup space, cost, and time associated with performing brick-level backups.
  • Minimize the time to back up all mailboxes - Exchange Granular Recovery eliminates the need to back up mailboxes individually. Normally, companies do a full Exchange Server backup, and then run a second process to back up "Very Important Mailboxes" (VIMs) individually as well. Exchange Granular Recovery eliminates this second process.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces costs for storage and archiving backups
  • Minimizes time needed for mailbox backup
  • Eliminates the need for individual mailbox backup

Exchange Granular Recovery works with your existing Exchange Server backup architecture and procedures, and allows you to recover individual mailboxes, folders, messages, attachments, calendar items, notes, and tasks directly to your production Exchange Server or any PST file. This eliminates time-consuming and expensive single mailbox (brick-level) backups. This powerful software also lets you search and create a copy of all archived email that matches a given keyword or criteria.


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