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Echoworx OneWorld Email Encryption Advanced

Echoworx OneWorld Email Encryption Advanced enables business to protect sensitive and proprietary information sent via email through one of six email encryption methods that are easy to use for both sender and recipient.
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**Echoworx OneWorld Email Encryption Advanced** enables business to protect sensitive and proprietary information sent via email through one of six email encryption methods that are easy to use for both sender and recipient. **Key Features** * Six encryption methods to match a variety of business scenarios * Brandable OneWorld portal * Mail volume controls to ensure efficient delivery **Key Benefits** * Protects proprietary and sensitive information * Reduces information loss and theft * Easy to use for sender and recipient With **OneWorld Email Encryption Advanced**, all outgoing and incoming emails are processed against encryption rules you create in OneWorld. For example, in addition to simply checking if TLS is available or not, you can further define your encryption delivery actions based on domain or even attachments. OneWorld ensures that any sensitive email sent, for a wide range of reasons, never goes to a recipient unencrypted. Senders using OneWorld Email Encryption Advanced can secure outgoing messages by using one of the following methods: * TLS Delivery is extremely easy and seamless for a recipient since they do not have to enter a password to view the message. Recipients receive all messages and data right into their inbox (as clear-text email) without any additional steps. * Encrypted PDF offers the ability to encrypt both body and attachments contained in outgoing email to an Encrypted PDF. The body of the message is encrypted as a PDF page and all attachments are embedded within the single PDF file. * Encrypted Attachment is beneficial in cases when an organization wants to deliver attached confidential documents without sensitive information in the body of the email. This option is commonly used by applications that generate and process bulk electronic statements. * Certificate Encryption is beneficial when recipients already have a 3rd party S/MIME or PGP key. * Web Portal Encryption enables delivery of encrypted messages via a secure website. The email is not delivered to the recipient, but instead users are notified in their regular Inbox that an encrypted email is waiting for them. In addition to outbound encryption, the OneWorld encryption platform leverages its web portal delivery option to ensure your incoming emails containing confidential information are encrypted as they arrive. Your employees are notified of incoming messages via email and are provided a link to the web portal, where they can authenticate and view the secure incoming messages. The OneWorld encryption platform uses attributes in the message to dynamically brand all outgoing encrypted messages. This includes support for 22 languages, and the ability to personalize messages appropriately on a message by message basis. Branding and language preferences can be applied to accommodate multiple brands at a company, whether that be different business units or different entities. Taking advantage of branding and language preferences, ensures that your recipients will trust that the secure message originated from your organization and that it is personalized using instructions in their preferred language.

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