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BAE Systems Email Compliance Archiving

BAE Systems Email Compliance Archiving securely stores emails and provides advanced eDiscovery capabilities.
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Email Archiving
**BAE Systems Email Compliance Archiving** securely stores messages and provides enhanced capabilities to perform eDiscovery and compliance archiving for message recovery to fulfill legal or compliance related activities. **Key Features** * Streamlined review and audit processes that reduce the amount of time needed to stay compliant. * Policy-based risk scoring that expands review coverage and reduces effort. * An Email Archive dashboard that allows administrators to see and control sensitive information flows. * Automated review, which increases accuracy so that suspicious activities don't slip between the cracks. * Granular access controls that limit what end-users, reviewers, administrators, and outside counsel can see or do. **Key Benefits** * Reduces corporate risk and data loss * Promotes compliance efforts * Reduces cost and effort for eDiscovery * Reduces overall IT costs BAE Systems Email Compliance Archiving allows companies of any size to review, store, and audit electronically stored communications, streamlining compliance, and minimizing risk. Features include pre-packed content that supports policies and regulations such as FINRA, HIPAA, FRCP, and SEC, policy-based risk scoring, and granular access controls that combine to save time and effort. BAE Systems Email Compliance Archiving increases accuracy and efficiency over outdated, costly, and incomplete manual processes. The cloud-based storage service saves customers money and simplifies their communications infrastructures.

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