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BAE Systems Email AntiSpam-AntiVirus

BAE Systems Email AntiVirus/AntiSpam protects email with multiple virus, spyware, and spam technologies.
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Email Security
**BAE Systems Email AntiVirus/AntiSpam** email security safeguards your email with multi-engine anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam technologies that block malicious and distracting software and spam at the gateway. **Key Features** * Sophisticated and safe web-based policy management console * Easily set the message block, quarantine, tag, and delivery thresholds * Manage message allow and block lists * Configure quarantine digest notifications * Extensive reporting and analysis capabilities, including daily active graphs for spam detection, virus protection, and individual activity **Key Benefits** * Decreased IT and administration costs * Increased employee productivity * Reduced corporate liability By leveraging best-of-breed message hygiene engines from industry-leaders like Symantec, Cloudmark and Trend Micro, BAE Systems delivers comprehensive protection for both inbound and outbound communications. As a cloud service, BAE Systems email security requires no hardware or software and includes 24x7 monitoring and automatic, continuous updates to keep your email system secure from the latest threats. BAE Systems Email AntiVirus/AntiSpam is not only compatible with BAE Systems Hosted Exchange and BAE Systems Mail, it also works seamlessly in any deployment type - whether on-premises or elsewhere in the cloud. The service supports a wide range of third-party email, including Google and Office 365 mailboxes, and is protected by our real-time, expert security monitoring service.

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