IBM MaaS360

IBM MaaS360 is the trusted enterprise mobility management solution to more than 5,000 customers worldwide - from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. We make working in a mobile world simple and safe by delivering comprehensive mobile security and management for applications, documents, email, and devices.

types of IBM MaaS360 products offered by pax8
  • Device Management
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Device Management

Remotely manage workstations, servers, printers, and mobile devices.

IBM MaaS360 Essentials Suite

The IBM MaaS360 Essentials Suite enables businesses to view and control the mobile devices and apps entering their organization. The Suite offers mobile device, application and expense management from a single screen.

IBM MaaS360 Deluxe Suite

The IBM MaaS360 Deluxe Suite includes all the capabilities of the IBM MaaS360 Essentials Suite and adds a separate and security-rich office productivity application for users to access and manage their email, calendar, and contacts.

IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Suite

IBM MaaS360 Enterprise Suite includes all the capabilities of the MaaS360 Premier Suite and adds the enterprise capabilities that your organization needs to provide full mobile productivity and protection. This suite adds mobile threat management, a document editor, and document sync.

IBM MaaS360 Premier Suite

The IBM MaaS360 Premier Suite includes all the capabilities of the MaaS360 Deluxe Suite and adds mobile application security, a secure mobile browser, mobile content management, and the Gateway for Apps, Browser, and Documents features found in the IBM MaaS360 Gateway Suite.



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