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Frequently asked questions

What is the Pax8 Research Panel?

The Pax8 Research Panel is a group of people who voluntarily participate in UX research conducted by the Pax8 research team to help Pax8 better understand how to improve our experiences.

Who operates this research panel?

This research panel is operated by the Pax8 UX Research Team. Contact us with any questions.

Why should I enroll to be a Pax8 Research panelist?

Pax8 is always looking for ways to serve businesses better. Your help could directly impact the lives of thousands of our customers — this is your opportunity to influence new products, experiences, services and more.

What will happen after I join the panel?

After you join the panel, the Pax8 research team will contact you with opportunities to participate in research studies. You will be only contacted if your profile matches our study requirements.

Can I withdraw my enrollment at any time?

Yes, you can withdraw your enrollment at any time by contacting the Pax8 UX Research team. It will not affect in any way the services you receive from Pax8.

What kinds of research will I participate in?
You may be invited to participate in any user experience research study to help Pax8 serve your needs. Details about the research will be mentioned in the research participation invitation.

How long is a typical study?

It depends on the study. However, it can range from anywhere between five minutes to one hour.

What will I be doing in these research studies?

Typically, you will be asked to participate in the following three types of research activity:

  • Surveys. You will respond to some descriptions about capabilities to help your business and answer some questions about your preference and needs online at your convenience.
  • Interviews. You will engage in a conversation with a UX researcher on a given topic to provide feedback or any concerns and identify some strengths and weaknesses of the current experience to help identify opportunities for improvement. It will be conducted remotely and at a time scheduled at your convenience.
  • Usability Testing. You will be asked to verbally express your thoughts and think out loud while viewing a concept to help researchers uncover areas of improvement. It will be conducted remotely and at a time scheduled at your convenience.

Will I receive any kind of incentive for my participation?

Compensation will vary, depending on the study. If compensation is included, it will be mentioned in the study invitation. Typically, the compensation ranges between $5 -$120 via a gift card to a specified retail store or choice of stores. The amount is determined based on the time required to participate in this study, as well as if the study is conducted via a scheduled call with a researcher or during your own time without a researcher.

Are there any technical requirements for participating?

The technical requirements might be study specific and vary accordingly. However, being able to connect to a video call through a smartphone or computer with a webcam should suffice the requirements.

Can I pick research studies to participate in?

Yes. You are never obligated to participate in all the studies you are contacted for. In addition to that, you can leave a study at any time during your participation.

What kinds of personal information will be collected from me?

Pax8 respects the privacy of respondents. When you register to become a research participant with Pax8’s User Experience Research team, information about your company and your role is added to our database so we may identify the correct people for our user experience study. We also collect your contact information so that we can contact you when a user experience study is being conducted that you may qualify for. To protect the identity and confidentiality of participants in our database, Pax8 does not resell or redistribute information linked with your personal identification to anyone outside of our company without your expressed written permission.

Will I need to sign an NDA?

Occasionally, the subject of the research study will be about concepts or ideas not yet introduced to the public. Because of such cases, before you begin the study, you will be asked to agree to the terms of our confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Will I be recorded, filmed, or photographed during my session?

Yes, research sessions are recorded most of the time so researchers can refer to them to document the findings. However, you may request to delete any information you provided for any reason by contacting the Pax8 UX Research team.

If I don’t agree to be recorded, filmed, or photographed during my session, can I still participate?

Most sessions are recorded so participation will be difficult if you don’t want to be recorded. However, you can always opt to participate in the surveys which do not include any form of recording.

What happens if I agree to participate in a study, but change my mind before or during a session?

You can leave a study at any time during your participation, even if you have agreed to participate previously, without any penalty.

How do I withdraw from the panel?

You can withdraw your enrollment from the panel at any time by contacting the UX research team. It will not affect the services you receive from Pax8 in any way.

What will happen to my personal information after I withdraw from the panel?

All of your panel information will be deleted per our privacy notice.

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