Pax8 and CyberFOX Announce Partnership for Comprehensive Identity Access Management Solutions

DENVER, CO (October 26, 2023)Pax8, the leading cloud commerce marketplace, today announced it has partnered with CyberFOX to provide managed service providers (MSPs) with identity access management (IAM) solutions specializing in privileged access management (PAM) through their exclusive product, AutoElevate. CyberFOX currently helps over 2000 MSPs improve efficiencies, increase productivity, and generate new revenue streams while serving their small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

“One of the largest security threats that our partners face is from lacking or missing a resilient privileged access security platform,” said Nikki Meyer, Corporate Vice President of Vendor Experience at Pax8. “Since launching in 2022, CyberFOX has become a trusted advisor with MSPs, providing the security they need. We’re excited about our partnership with CyberFOX and to offer their advanced security solutions to our partner community.”

Designed to address the security needs of today’s MSPs, CyberFOX provides accessible, budget-friendly, and pragmatic security solutions that seamlessly merge into existing security architecture. The suite of CyberFOX solutions, AutoElevate, and Password Boss play pivotal roles in a holistic IAM security strategy encompassing risk surveillance, administration, and mitigation. These tools empower MSPs to strengthen security protocols by proficiently overseeing and mitigating risks associated with user access to crucial data. Together, they create a comprehensive security solution hub that affords MSPs heightened control over user access to essential information.

CyberFOX’s PAM solution, AutoElevate, allows MSPs to remove administrator rights and quickly move to a more secure least privilege model that delivers a seamless customer experience. AutoElevate balances security and accessibility with the granularity that allows organizations to set custom privilege rules and avoid slowing down processes. AutoElevate is now available on the Pax8 Marketplace in North America.

CyberFOX’s Password Management Solution, Password Boss, brings industry-leading password protection to MSPs. CyberFOX’s password manager provides enterprise-grade password management that increases security and reduces risk without complication. This solution will be available on the Pax8 Marketplace in 2024.

“Our partnership with Pax8 is significant in that we are expanding our global reach in providing MSPs with quality and affordable privileged access management (AutoElevate) through the Pax8 Marketplace,” said David Bellini, Co-Founder and CEO at CyberFOX. “We are thrilled to be part of such a powerful marketplace and a promising partnership where we can continue to foster growth and momentum in the industry.”

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Pax8 is the world’s favorite cloud marketplace for IT professionals to buy, sell, and manage best-in-class technology solutions. Pioneering the future of modern business, Pax8 has cloud-enabled more than 300,000 enterprises through its channel partners and processes one million monthly transactions. Pax8’s award-winning technology enables managed service providers (MSPs) to accelerate growth, increase efficiency, and reduce risk so their businesses can thrive. The innovative company has ranked in the Inc. 5000 for six years in a row. Join the revolution at

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About CyberFOX
CyberFOX is a global cybersecurity solutions provider focused on privileged access management (PAM) and password management for managed service providers (MSPs). Its flagship products – Password Boss for password management and AutoElevate for PAM – supply critical elements of a comprehensive security strategy. The ability to mitigate risks by controlling user access to critical information strengthens MSPs security defenses. Prioritizing cybersecurity best practices as a company like CIS critical controls, allows CyberFOX to make complex security simple while providing affordable and efficient solutions. To learn more about how CyberFOX helps protect MSPs and businesses in more than 175 countries, visit

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