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Why SMBs need continuity solutions that have their backs

Our continuity solutions can build trust and reduce risk for your SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses)

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A break in continuity can cost $10,000/hour.1

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54% of businesses have had a downtime incident.2

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33% of network folders aren’t protected at all.3

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37% of SMBs have lost data in the cloud.4

Solution combinations help SMBs safeguard their operations

Third-party apps that protect SMBs’ data and keep them up and running

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Delivers data protection for physical and virtual machines, along with cloud-based workloads like email and collaboration platforms.

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Get plug-and-play onboarding, NFR (not for resale), and advanced search functionality.


Provides data management and protection solutions for various platforms, offering features like backup, disaster recovery, and data security.

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Provides specialized backup solutions tailored for desktop and server environments.

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Delivers backup solutions for individual devices, cloud-based productivity suites, and other collaboration platforms.


Offers high-performance, low-latency object storage with predictable pricing and no additional charges for data retrieval, ideal for data archiving and long-term backups.

Our resources help you sell continuity with success

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Calculate your cost of downtime



Your business would lose an estimated $1,000 in sales and productivity for every hour of downtime, resulting in $1,000 lost during a full business day of downtime.

Best-in-class continuity solutions for your business.

The good news? Cloud backup solutions can cost as little as $1,000 per seat per month.

Sales resources

White-labeled templates so you can sell continuity solutions with ease.

Continuity fact sheet

Show your SMBs exactly why they need to add continuity to their tech stack.

Guide to Selling Backup

Learn the specifics about selling continuity solutions to your SMBs.

Continuity Fundamentals

The basics of continuity help you sell the right solutions to the right SMBs.

Learn to sell solutions that reduce risk for your clients

Let’s talk. Contact a solutions consultant and get started on continuity.

$375,000 median

$1.62M mean

The median recovery cost for those that used backups is half the cost incurred by those that paid the ransom.5

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