Pax8 Peer Groups enable Rayne Technology solutions to prepare for future growth


Managed services rely on essential support to succeed 

Rayne Technology Solutions was founded in 2008 to serve businesses and nonprofit organizations in the Monterey, CA area. Since then, they have grown to a fully managed services model, supporting over 50 clients and more than 1,000 endpoints. Even with that growth in mind, Rayne Tech was frustrated with the distributors they worked with. A lack of support, confusing interfaces, and a general sense they weren’t valued as customers caused the MSP to start looking elsewhere for solutions. The business was looking for an expert partner focused on small MSPs like their own when they first heard about a newcomer called Pax8.


“We started in a basement, like a stereotypical tech startup, and then as we grew, we started looking for a new distributor. Pax8 kept coming up as a more MSP-friendly option, even when it was much smaller than it is now.”
– Bryan Little, Director of Operations, Rayne Technology Solutions


Like most providers, Rayne Tech quickly found that Pax8 had more to offer than traditional distributors in the space. Offerings such as Pax8 Academy and the innovation found in the Pax8 Marketplace provide Rayne Tech with the added value partnership they were looking for.


A holistic business partnership rooted in enablement 

Pax8 is dedicated to the growth of MSPs and the SMB clients they service. With a wide range of services that go beyond traditional distribution, Pax8 helps partners gain efficiency, grow their business, and reduce risk. Peer groups are noncompetitive spaces for providers to learn from one another’s triumphs and mistakes with no judgment. Participants in peer groups report an average cloud revenue growth of 110%. Pax8 Academy boasts 600 years of experience among its instructors and offers a variety of instructor-led and on-demand course offerings. Bryan Little credits his participation in peer groups with strengthening his business leadership and allowing him space to solicit feedback and guidance as he manages his business.


“[The Academy] has been the single best change to my professional career, as far as education, learning, and growing. Peer groups really have taught me a lot about my role and how we can grow.”
– Bryan Little, Director of Operations


Rayne Tech has also utilized Academy coaching to re-evaluate its policies and procedures to strengthen its business operations. Now, with more documentation in place and changes ready to implement, Rayne Tech has an improved model for internal operations and is ready for the next stage of their growth.


Integration and automation reduce risk and save time 

The Pax8 Marketplace works seamlessly with the leading PSA tools and vendors that MSPs rely on to manage their business, all from one convenient location. Thanks to this, Rayne Tech now spends less time each month on tasks like billing and provisioning oversight. With added hours freed up each month, Rayne Tech is spending more time with its clients and less time with its own manual processes.


“As an MSP, time is your greatest commodity, really. We’ve gotten a lot of time back through the ease of billing in the Marketplace. I don’t know why you’d want to waste your time dealing with billing from all these other companies. That’s a huge time saving and that’s time you could spend doing anything else.”
– Bryan Little, Director of Operations


Automated billing, PSA integrations and visibility across clients save partners time and money that can be infused back into their business, providing growth opportunity while reducing operational challenges.

Account management and technical support fuel confidence 

Pax8 partners have a dedicated account manager to rely on for questions, concerns, and advice tailored to each business’ individual needs. Account managers learn the business needs and work with partners to determine areas of opportunity. Rayne Tech has found new solutions for specific clients while also considering ways to improve offerings for all clients in areas like security.


“My account manager and I talk a lot, and sometimes it’s just ‘hey, I’m looking for a new solution, what is an option?’ or sometimes they will even recommend to me before I ask for something. It’s nice to know there’s someone else thinking about my business and my clients.”
– Bryan Little, Director of Operations


24/7 technical support also means MSPs like Rayne Tech are never left in the dark. If Pax8 professionals can’t address the issue, they escalate directly to the vendor, a process that Bryan Little says gives Rayne Tech a sense of security and confidence. Little and his team know that they have support available when needed, which in turn furthers the value they provide to their own clients. 


Plans for growth and continuous learning 

Rayne Technology Solutions continues to evolve to best support its clients. Now, with the guidance of Academy coaches and their peer group cohort, Bryan Little is confident they will only grow further in the future.


“We definitely hope and see Pax8 as there for the ride, to both give us an easy point of distribution as well as continuing through peer groups and the challenges together with teams and the facilitators there, too. Pax8 is a great partnership for us.”
– Bryan Little, Director of Operations

About Rayne Technology Solutions

Rayne Technology Solutions has been serving the Monterey area since 2008, providing IT services such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small- and medium-sized businesses. The goal of Rayne Technology Solutions is to provide enterprise-level IT practices and solutions to the small business sector, with small business prices.  Their experience has allowed Rayne Technology Solutions to build and develop the infrastructure needed to keep prices affordable and clients up and running. 

Rayne Tech partners with many types of businesses and strives to eliminate IT issues before they cause expensive downtime, so small businesses continue to drive business forward. The dedicated staff loves seeing clients succeed.

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