MSP drives cloud migration with help from Pax8


Leading the charge for the modern workplace

Even before the massive shift to remote work in 2020, Avitus Group was educating their clients on the importance of adopting cloud solutions and replacing outdated technologies. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, that emphasis has only grown larger as organizations are forced to re-think what technologies they need in order to communicate, collaborate, and stay secure while working remote.

“We want to make sure that all of our clients have the flexibility and security they need to execute their business while, trusting us with their IT.” Cole Halpin, Director of Avitus Technology Services

To achieve their goal of moving most of their client base to serverless environments, Avitus knew that they would need a cloud-oriented distributor with best-in class solutions and top-notch support. Unfortunately, their legacy distributor couldn’t deliver either, forcing Avitus to seek a new partnership.


A partnership born in the cloud

Avitus discovered Pax8 as a way of purchasing Microsoft licenses, but quickly shifted more and more of their provisioning over to Pax8 after realizing the benefits of working with a cloud expert. As a born-in-the-cloud distributor, Pax8 was the right choice to help Avitus bring their clients into the modern workplace, with top cloud solutions, outstanding support, educational resources, and so much more.

“Pax8 was the perfect fit for us. We couldn’t imagine getting their high quality of service and great resources from anywhere else.”

Avitus also found that the partnership meant growing strong relationships with members of the Pax8 team, who could connect them to new resources and opportunities, providing even more value to their business.


Additional bandwidth with Professional Services

Implementing cloud solutions often involves performing complex deployments and migrations for an organization’s entire workforce. With a focus on cloud adoption, these types of projects come up often for Avitus and require extra bandwidth or expertise. Avitus was excited to learn that Pax8 offers white-labeled Professional Services to help assist with complex projects.

“It’s great knowing that whenever we need it, we can access Pax8 Professional Services to give us additional bandwidth or expertise. We know we’ll never run thin when we have that option.”

Since partnering with Pax8, Avitus has engaged with the Professional Services team for several projects, utilizing the dedicated experts to complete deployments and migrations faster.

Game-changing PSA integration

For Avitus, one of the pitfalls of their previous relationship with legacy distribution was “leakage” – a term Avitus uses to describe money lost due to errors and inefficiencies in the billing process. Since switching to Pax8, Avitus no longer suffers from leakage. Now, they utilize an industry-leading PSA integration through Pax8 that automates billing — making the process quicker and easier with less chance for human error.

“The Pax8 PSA integration was a game-changer for us. Now, we account for every dollar spent, and the automation has limited the amount of human error on previously manual processes.”

Without the hassle of billing errors and wasted money, Avitus can run their business more efficiently – with more time to help their clients do the same.


Growth and goals achieved

Since partnering with Pax8, Avitus has been able to streamline how they do cloud. With professional services giving them a boost in delivering solutions to clients, they’ve been able to perform more deployments and migrations at a faster pace. With a PSA integration, they’ve simplified billing, spending around 5% less on their bottom-line expenditure.

“Achieving our goals has definitely been simpler because of our partnership with Pax8.”

Along the way, Avitus has also enjoyed the relationships, resources, and opportunities that only Pax8 can bring. As Avitus moves closer to their goals of full cloud adoption, they can do so knowing that their Pax8 rep will always be there.

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