Tony Ceravolo

Tony Ceravolo headshot

I lead our development and quality assurance teams. Our focus is to provide quality technical solutions to the business problems faced by Pax8 and our partners.


I’m an aggressive problem solver. I believe that given any problem, our team can come up with a solution, and I encourage the team to be creative in their efforts as well.


I have a slight obsession with Notre Dame. I grew up there, I went to school there, my first job was there, and now I proudly hang my “Code Like a Champion Today” sign in my office.


I’m very fortunate to work with an incredibly talented and smart team here at Pax8. I get the opportunity to learn from experienced executives as well as collaborate with a dynamic, driven team in my department.


I try to get everyone on my team to treat each new challenge as an opportunity. There’s always more we can learn and ways to improve.