Susan Mitnick

Susan Mitnick headshot

A key part of my role is to ensure that every employee is equipped to contribute to delivering on the Pax8 Wingman Experience. This is our ultimate goal, and it can only be achieved with a singular focus across the organization.


Pax8 is constantly evolving, and I love being a part of that evolution. We have such a dynamic environment, and our employees are always up for the challenge. Such positive energy and commitment across the organization make Pax8 a great place to work.


I am always inspired by the creative ideas of others. Whether the ideas are business-related, creatively expressed through artistic means, or an idea that turns into an action, I am constantly in awe of how individuals can look at things differently and innovate.


Most of my creative thinking happens when I wake up at 4am.


I love to be outdoors, whether it is playing tennis or just exercising. But what I enjoy the most is the competitiveness of the sport. There is nothing sweeter than winning.