Ryan Burton

Ryan Burton headshot

My focus, and primary role, is to expand the Pax8 line card. This includes both well-known MSP brands and new, emerging vendors. Our vendor vetting process is quite extensive and must have the most fundamental basics MSPs need to do business.


Right out of college, I started my own direct sales business. At its peak, I employed 50 people across two locations. After selling my company, I moved into channel technology sales. This experience made it very easy and natural to connect with and understand MSPs.


I was one of the first Pax8 sales reps. I recruited and managed more than 100 MSP partners throughout the country.


For us to do our job well, it is important to spend time with our partners. The more we know, the more value we can add to their businesses.


In my free time, I love taking my RV out for trips with my wife and dogs. I am passionate about photography, being in nature, and snowboarding.