Robert Belgrave

Robert Belgrave, Pax8 UK CEO headshot

My role as CEO of Pax8 UK is to create an environment which enables our team to do their best work and, in doing so, continue the incredible growth journey of Pax8 in a new market.


My mission is to create the sort of business I would want to work for, one that inspires, celebrates, and rewards our talented team for the incredible work that they do for our partners.


I am inspired by the way technology can improve people’s lives. The internet has democratized how knowledge is stored and shared and, in doing so, enabled a new era of innovation. This opportunity impacted me personally during my formative years as a teenager when traditional academia didn’t resonate with me.


Modern software stands on the shoulders of the giants that came before it and gives us the tools and services to make the world a better place by empowering people and businesses to do more. I’m living proof of that.


I love being outdoors — in the mountains or by the sea. During the winter you’ll find me skiing in the French/Austrian alps and through the summer months, I’ll be kite surfing off the south coast of the UK. When I’m at home I love to cook, constantly on the hunt to explore new types of cuisine and expand my repertoire. I make one new dish a week — variety is the spice of life!


The one piece of advice which has served me well in my life and career is to treat others as you hope to be treated. Work hard and be nice to people. You make your own luck.