Natasha Wright

Natasha Wright headshot

The thing I love most about Pax8 is the passion and drive of all the people. It’s moments like when our CPO, Ryan Walsh, joined a virtual marketing team meeting as a guest speaker, went into his yard, and started chopping wood (and I mean really chopping wood) to symbolize how much we’re all putting in each day and how much fun we’re having while doing it. Our leaders are amazing, thoughtful, and unique.


I’m incredibly passionate about all things Marketing. I have a bubbly personality, I’m geeky when it comes to the marketing tech stack, and I enjoy – like really enjoy – looking at the performance of campaigns. I am always seeking to learn new ways to do things, and I look for a positive angle in most situations.


I am inspired by the Mark Twain quote, “Dance like nobody’s watching; love like you’ve never been hurt. Sing like nobody’s listening; live like it’s heaven on earth.” It’s a quote I regularly go back to for inspiration.


For over two decades, I’ve been collecting matchbooks from restaurants, hotels, and bars from around the world. If someone picks up one of the matchbooks in my collection, I can share a memory from the venue. I have over 500 in a vase at my parents’ house in England (I wasn’t allowed to ship them overseas to Colorado) and around 200 in a vase at my home.


My most meaningful career moment was being lucky enough to have the opportunity to move to Denver, Colorado from London, England. I had the opportunity because a colleague in America said “yes” to me when I called him to ask if I could come and work for him at our headquarters. This was a life-defining moment for me. I remember the seat I was sitting in when I made the phone call, and I will never forget the feeling of hearing that my dream to live in America would come true. Within two months, I was on a plane moving myself to Colorado.


My main hobby is skiing. I’d tried it as an 11-year-old and was way too scared that I was going to fall off a cliff. I didn’t do it again until I moved to Colorado as a 33-year-old. So, I finally learned how to ski and quickly fell madly in love with the sport. I absolutely love speeding down a groomed black run on a blue-sky day, and I love challenging myself to try a new run, go a little faster, or tackle the trees.


There can be so many opinions about how a piece of creative looks or how an email subject line might read, but the best thing to do if you like something is to test, try it, and then see how it performs by looking at the results. Most importantly, no matter how the test goes, always learn from it.