Michael Lipfield

Michael Lipfield headshot

I look at the CFO role as the person who orchestrates the back-office details for the organization.   I enjoy the role because I can have a significant impact on the success of the company.  Managing our expenses and the collection process is essential.  Our sales teams work hard to sign up partners, and being efficient with the collection process keeps the wheels turning.


As a CFO with a background in psychology, I look at solutions with a slightly different spin than the typical CPA.My experience building early-stage companies helps in the process of growing high-performing businesses.


I’m inspired by the energy at Pax8 and the can-do attitude of so many people here—never accepting the status quo and always believing we can make improvements.


The best advice I would give is to always try to make improvements to processes and the organization. Realize that each of us can make a difference.


I started my entrepreneurial career at the age of 6, selling greeting cards on the streets of the Bronx.