Michael Dehmlow

Michael Dehmlow headshot

I am the technology mastermind like the Wizard in Wizard of Oz.


I once worked on a NASA project, where we replaced a 100 man-year sub-system.


The way people work together really inspires me. I come from a big family and, even though we all grew up in the same house, we have so many different skills and interests. I learned from a young age that we accomplish so much more when individuals come together to be part of something bigger. I love seeing a group create something that none of us, independently, could do on our own. That’s part of why I love being here at Pax8. We have such an extraordinarily talented R&D team, and we do things every day that I can’t fathom doing on my own.


I have the best recorded time on the Taurus constellation of the real-time strategy mobile game, Auralux.


The pursuit of perfection only hinders us. When we think of the perfect horse, we may say it feeds itself, never gets hurt, or breaks down. But, ultimately, if we spend all our energy pursuing the perfect horse, we will never create a Cadillac – or a jet plane. Our perception of perfection is an unrealistic goal, and a hindrance to progress. That is why I challenge my team to improve everything by 1% as often as possible. This is an achievable goal and leads to an agile culture of continual improvement. My team loves to say they had a “5% day.” When they build on that enough times, they reach new heights never before imagined.