Lynn Leadley

Lynn Leadley headshot

I am passionate about helping and developing our employees in their career journey. When our colleagues have the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to support our partners, that naturally leads to a positive, engaging experience.


I am inspired by those who face adversity and deal with it head on with positivity and inner strength. One of my closest friends is a breast cancer survivor, and she is my hero. She has a great attitude and lives every day to the fullest.


Smart is not just IQ for me. It’s EQ—emotional intelligence. I have been fortunate to work with several high EQ leaders who helped me to leverage my core strengths and enhance my own EQ and leadership skills.


For me, there is no place like the mountains of Colorado. That is my happy place. I feel a sense of peace and rejuvenation every time I go. I love to hike, ski, camp, and play golf.


Have an open mind, listen, and see every interaction as an opportunity to learn. I believe in listening and learning first, and then leading.