Klaus Dimmler

Klaus Dimmler headshot

As Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Pax8, I help the organization realize the vision of delivering the “Cloud Wingman” experience to every partner at every touchpoint. This experience starts with a powerful selection of the highest quality cloud products, vetted for technical proficiency, reliability, and margin. Then it continues with support services to help make our partners successful in the cloud ecosystem. This includes product selection guidance, provisioning, installation, technical support, billing, and how to present the product to partners’ clients.


My past experiences in developing computer technology, and building several technology startup companies prior to Pax8, have left me with unique perspectives about the best strategies to build a successful technology business. These strategies are useful in promoting alignment between diverse groups, such as sales and technology development, and to specify how various functions, such as marketing, operations, finance, training, and R&D, work together to achieve overall business objectives. Importantly, these experiences also help me relate to partners and their needs as they build their own businesses.


My first career-oriented job after college was at Bell Laboratories as a circuit design engineer. My initial assignment was to design digital circuitry for the ESS 5, which at the time was the latest “electronic switching station” that routed long distance telephone calls. When I completed that assignment, my supervisor assigned me a software task. He asked me to write firmware code for a chip on the same system. I objected, stating that my goal was to be a “hardware designer,” not a “software programmer.” My supervisor warned me at the time that such “black and white” views are often the Achilles’ heel of business endeavors. Following a series of further discussions, I learned to focus on the overall business objective rather than the type of work that reaching that objective might involve. I took this lesson to heart in all my endeavors from that point forward.


I offer this pearl of wisdom: “Be passionate in all you do.” Be passionate about what the products do and what it means to the clients when those products are placed into service. It is a passion that makes you feel alive, derived from a sense of disrupting the status quo to make the world a better place.