John Street

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Starting an early SaaS company has given me excellent perspective from both a vendor’s point of view—the need for an effective go-to-market strategy—and a service provider’s point of view—how to efficiently position and sell multiple solutions to their clientele. There is a fundamental need to change the basic role of distribution for cloud products. Effective distribution is highly essential to service the SMB market.


As part of a channel strategy, it is important that the channel partner is well-equipped to sell and service a product. This is where a distributor can be transformative. Distributors no longer need to ship physical products but need to standardize the billing and provisioning processes to simplify the adoption of new products for the channel partners. They need to show partners how to be effective merchandisers of cloud products. In my role as CEO, I help define how we help our partners achieve that.


The spontaneous combustion I see every day is what I love most about Pax8. I am thrilled about the fantastic work that is being done without too much specific instruction. Because leadership is providing a clear vision, and there is a strong sense that we are transforming an industry, empowered people self-start a work environment that is engaged, thoughtful, and passionate.


I am inspired to build new companies, to witness the relentless progression of a thoughtful idea to practical reality, and to see people flourish in their careers.


The best piece of advice I can give is to understand your audience, get it right, and always, always do it with excellence and integrity.