Jared Pangretic

Jared Pangretic headshot

Based on market trends and our partners’ insight, I help solve SMB technology and productivity concerns. Each day I come to work, I have the opportunity to aid in the development, training, and execution of our sales team at Pax8.


Architecture was the first profession I felt as a true calling, which I learned about myself when I was 12 years old. I can recall drawing the design of a home on graph paper and then making it come to life by hand-building it. I loved the imagination, careful planning, and questioning my judgment that took place. Little did I know that the art of building and all of the challenges that come with it would translate into my future career.


I’ve learned that I am a builder. I love to plan by looking at potential challenges from multiple angles, gathering input and feedback from individuals, and, like building a home, creating a solid foundation to build upon.


My strengths include emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and building a great culture.


I am inspired by how Pax8 started with an idea and a team of people who believed in it.


When I am not at the office, you will find me playing the guitar, snowboarding, or climbing a mountain.


The best piece of advice I would give is to have tolerance for adversity and uncertainty because it is one of the most vital skills to learn.