Don Jeter

Don Jeter headshot

The marketing team works hard to deliver an amazing partner experience. We understand that our partners can buy cloud solutions anywhere, but they choose Pax8 because of the experience they have when they work with us. We have built a very partner-centric brand that focuses on creating value for our community. The Pax8 Cloud Wingman represents our dedication to delivering value-added services and continued world-class support to our partners. Most technology distribution organizations are not driven by creativity or attract creative people. Our founder is not a linear thinker, and that allows for experimentation, tinkering, and crazy ideas. To me, Pax8 is not as much a company as it is one, big crazy idea.


I am very human-centric in my approach to marketing. I think B2B marketing is often really boring and lacks emotion. I think my creativity has been a quality that has helped Pax8 make a real connection with our community and differentiated us from our competitors.