David James

Headshot of David James, CIO at Pax8

My passion to build, renovate, and innovate began when I was a young boy rebuilding tricked-out bikes, lawnmowers, cars, and computers. This hobby was the gateway to my career. My professional roles evolved from developing sales operations organizations to continually improving and digitizing customer-facing business processes and maturing back-end DevOps and IT infrastructure. The common thread is always the data and insights. It has been a progressive journey, where I have had the honor of working with multiple fast-growing technology companies. When working with each company, I had the exciting opportunity to take on challenging customer-facing projects, build and evolve teams, processes, data, analytics, and automation. I am continually learning, refining, and applying the art, science, and math of scaling an organization.


Great leadership inspires me. Through lifelong learning and personal growth, I discovered that more consistent success comes when there is a clear vision and an intentional people-centric leadership style. The best leaders are the ones who integrate Servant Leadership qualities that listen, grow, and multiply people talent combined with Transformational Leadership qualities that reimagine, inspire, and motivate continuous improvement and innovation that will grow and shape the company’s future. I am inspired to apply these principles to invest daily in coaching and empowering people to learn, grow, succeed, and transform.


As the CDO, I am laser-focused on delivering data-driven insights that accelerate decision-making. I am passionate about building and leading a culture of continuous learning and improvement, with a mission of transforming data into a strategic asset. I am driven to unify, inspire, and lead teams to execute best practices in process design, data management, and smart automation. I am amazed by the Pax8 people, energy, and culture. I am honored to be a part of this talented organization and lead teams that will make an indelible mark in the Pax8 evolution story to transform the industry.


My approach to problem-solving starts with the end in mind — a clear understanding of the desired outcome.


I love to travel with my wonderful wife and two children. The family experience is very important to me. They also keep me centered and grounded. I love music and college football. So, while attending college, it was only natural for me to be a member of the University of Georgia Bulldogs Redcoat Marching Band. And now also a big fan of SEC College football. But I live in a house divided, so I am also an avid supporter of Notre Dame football. I enjoy playing sports, including soccer, tennis, and basketball. I have the most fun playing backyard sports with my kids.