Craig Donovan

Craig Donovan headshot

I provide a voice for the partner community within Pax8 as it pertains to service delivery, product consultation, and implementation support.


Our organization is made up of amazing people all connecting with a shared mission. This is a culture of builders, people excited to attack everyday activities, and create something new.


I am passionate about coaching and delivering the lessons of sportsmanship and competition to individuals of all ages. After coaching high school basketball for ten years, and dozens of youth programs, I took over one of the largest Special Olympics basketball programs in the state several years ago. Our program provides an opportunity for over eighty individuals, ranging in age from eight to sixty, to play basketball.


I challenge my team to always understand the ‘why’ in what we do. It’s important to be able to understand our partners and the challenges they face. We should never be so caught up in the day-to-day aspects of what we do that we lose sight of the heart of the role.


I grew up in a very small town in western Colorado. The town was small enough that it kept the exact population total on the city limit sign, and when I moved out for school, they had to change the number from 246 to 245.