Cole Knuth

Cole Knuth headshot

My core objective is to make Pax8 accessible worldwide. My ability to make decisions quickly and stay focused on long-term goals assist in helping Pax8 accomplish its mission.


I am primarily motivated by the successes of others. As I observe employees and colleagues eclipse milestones and achieve growth in their career, their drive and determination are inspirational.


My Track & Field coach in college was one of the most inspirational and effective leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. As one of the most decorated college coaches, producing 27 National Championships over a 30-year career, he has shown an extraordinary ability to build incredibly successful teams. He inspires each individual athlete and coach to push their limits to deliver the level of performance expected from champions. And he has proven that his process is repeatable.


Consistently work hard and put in the extra effort. It won’t go unnoticed here at Pax8.