Brad Fugitt

Brad Fugitt headshot

I provide value by offering exemplary technical service and support for our partners. In my role as Chief Information and Security Officer, it is critical that we safeguard our partners’ data with strong governance, risk, and compliance standards.


I love the culture at Pax8. You can feel the energy and enthusiasm when you walk through the building. Everybody is willing to jump in to assist others, regardless of the department they work in. The commitment to excellence, dedication, and loyalty to the company are evident.


I used to catch fireflies in a jar when I was kid—which provided a soft glow of light when I went to bed—and listened to west coast baseball games on my transistor radio as I drifted off to sleep.


I spent 15 years of my career at the White House, traveling in support of four different presidents. During that time, I traveled with the presidents about 200 days per year and managed operations for events in 42 countries while interfacing with 93 other world leaders.


I try to be as diverse in my personal interests as I have been in my career. In my younger years, I ran a lot, and at one time, considered professional bowling. As I got older, I took up bicycle riding and competed in several 100-mile bike races. I still hike a lot and enjoy being actively engaged with my sons in their soccer, wrestling, cross country, and track activities.