Aaron Watts

Aaron Watts headshot

My role is to bring Pax8 to Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and beyond to drive our mission to be the world’s favourite place for IT professionals to buy cloud products. As a sales leader, I am passionate about creating a high-performing, highly collaborative environment to ensure their success.


The best thing about Pax8 is its people. From the bottom up, it is clear that the vision is shared across all facets of the business – the energy, desire, and tenacity demonstrated daily to continue to push where the industry has not been pushed before, is a testament to why Pax8 is a market leader.


The most inspiring aspect of being a sales leader is my ability to learn and grow alongside my team. The team’s insatiable drive to continuously improve themselves and the environment they work within to ultimately provide a truly world-class partner experience is an inspiration.


I once captained my school cricket team (under 14’s) to their worst-ever result. Whilst I haven’t verified that record still stands (16 years after leaving school), the bar was set so low it would be virtually impossible to break it.


I studied law at college and university. Upon graduating, I immediately found myself in a law firm’s role at the bottom of the ladder. After 6 months in this role, I came to the realization that what I had perceived as a career in law was not what I wanted for my life. The biggest challenge with all of this wasn’t so much that I had fallen out of love with law, it was the feeling of regret that I’d wasted five years of academic study on a subject that didn’t align with my future desire in a career. Three months later, I was accepted into a graduate sales training program. Turns out, what I learned in law school helped me excel, especially with the soft skills I had developed throughout my studies.


For nearly a decade now, I’ve acted as the chairman of an amateur soccer (football!) club in Bristol called Bristol Bilbao. We formed in 2012 and have seen many successes, including league and cup wins. The club was formed to bring together a group of friends who had largely been playing in various teams in that we could all play on the same team. The club is named concerning Athletic Bilbao, a top tier professional football club in Bilbao, Spain. In 2013, we were contacted by a journalist from a major national newspaper in Spain who wanted to cover our story. We received press for our initiative, and through that, gained more than 1,000 Bilbao fans on Twitter in 3 months.


The biggest advice I would offer is to fail fast. You should feel empowered to make decisions requiring critical thinking, which might not always go your way. Don’t become paralyzed through the fear of making the decision. Make it. Succeed or fail. Lessons learnt. Move on.