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Our 5-phase approach to operations and business excellence will guide you through your transformational coaching experience. 
1. Understand

We train you on concepts and best practices.

2. Document

We work with you to customize templates and processes.

3. Train

Train your staff and get buy-in on new policies and procedures.

4. Implement

We work together to implement the new operational focus.

5. Inspect

Follow up process (this is where the most progress is made).

Operations Coaching

Get personalized guidance with an executive coach who has been in your shoes. Your coach will schedule phone meetings with the business owner and service manager. Together, you will define monthly Operational Strategic Objectives. Weekly calls drive accountability and monitor progress.
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1:1 Coaching

More than just a consultant, your coach has been in your shoes and will drive accountability

Repeatable process

Our proven repeatable processes fuel success for IT providers

Improved operations

We continually refine and expand resources as we work with new clients and bring on new experts.

Value Creation Coaching

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Value Creation Coaching (VCC) is for CEOs, senior executives, and business owners who are focused on the long term. We help service providers define, articulate, and achieve their goals for growth.

Growth and strategy development

  • Define actionable strategic growth
  • Develop 5-year roadmap
  • Incorporate accountability into growth plan and company culture
  • Identify and develop your next level of leadership


  • Build repeatable systems for improved efficiencies and enabling scalability
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention
  • Manage attrition by developing and incentivizing successful employees


  • Improve profitability
  • Build stronger company value
  • Solidify a fiscally secure growth plan

Sales Coaching

Pax8 Sales Coaching blends personalized 1:1 coaching from world-class sales experts and the real-time support of focused peer groups. Your coach and peer group will guide you in developing a flawless sales strategy, hiring and managing a successful sales team, and fine-tuning your MSP practice so you can land your perfect clients.

1:1 Coaching

  • Define your ideal managed service client

  • Hire and lead a successful sales team

  • Close one to two ideal clients per month

Strategy development  

  • Develop and refine your sales strategy
  • Determine and meet your sales KPIs

Focused Peer Groups

  • Land a five-minute meeting with your top 200 prospects

  • Consistently close more deals with qualified leads

“We prepped for an upcoming meeting to nail down the narrative and make sure I was staying in the lane. Jeremy makes sure my focus is where it needs to be, getting us out of our comfort zone! I’m looking forward to reporting results on the process.”
Brian Amideo
FullScope IT 

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“Our coach was fantastic at challenging the team and leading us through discussions to get everyone on the same page. The results speak for themselves. We achieved a consistent 20%+ net EBITDA.”
Jon Schram, Founder
The Purple Guys

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