From business fundamentals to technical training, Pax8 Academy provides best-in-class, cloud-based education to grow your cloud business. We feature small-group, instructor-led courses, peer connections, 1:1 business coaching, and downloadable resources. Pax8 Academy is whatever our partners want to learn, however you want to learn it.


pax8Academy Courses

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MSP Foundations

Learn the fundamentals to drive MSP success.

Cloud Foundations

Learn the key fundamentals of cloud technology.

Security Foundations

Improve and strengthen current security postures.

Stack Foundations

Accelerate revenue growth with a proven tech stack. 

Azure Foundations

Gain hands-on knowledge
of Azure.

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Microsoft 365 Foundations

Build a foundational understanding of Microsoft 365.

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Contracts & Agreements

Build an understanding of legal best practices.

Service Management

Grow the service manager role for your MSP.

MSP Operations Coaching

One-to-one coaching for MSP owners and their service managers that delivers benchmarking and strategic planning to help you evolve your operational efficiency and reach that next step in your growth journey.

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Value Creation Coaching

One-to-one MSP coaching that leverages a top-down strategic approach to overall value creation. We work with you to build out and execute a tactical roadmap that will take you from your current position to your target valuation in your desired timeframe.

pax8Academy Peer Groups

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pax8Academy Experts

Industry Thought Leaders with Decades of Direct Expertise

Craig Donovan

SVP of Partner Services, Pax8

With more than 20 years of experience that spans operational leadership, engineering and software, Craig brings the unique blend of product knowledge, operational insight and industry thought leadership to Pax8 Academy.

Rex Frank

VP of Academy, Pax8

Founder and former CEO of
Sea-Level Operations, the premier coaching business in the Channel, Rex’s leadership and industry knowledge drive the vision of Pax8 Academy. From content to 1:1 coaching, he works with our partners and industry leaders to discover how Pax8 Academy can help drive their success.

Chris Kaiser

Director of Peer Initiatives, Pax8

Pax8 Academy’s voice of the Channel, Chris started his own IT consultancy in 2002. That experience is what fuels his unique understanding of the value of expert education and experienced guidance in helping MSPs grow their businesses.

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MSP Foundations

Learn the fundamentals to drive MSP success

Master the details you need to run a successful MSP. By course end you’ll be able to make business decisions based on financials, optimize your service delivery, and establish a repeatable sales process.


What You’ll Learn: 

– Establishing service delivery standards 

– Understanding Profit and Loss (P&L) statements 

– Driving profitable growth 


Who Should Enroll: 

– MSPs with less than 5 employees 

– An MSP less than 2 years old 

– A solo shop looking to grow 

Cloud Foundations

Learn the key fundamentals of cloud technology

This course covers topics critical to running a successful MSP including how to operate in the cloud, selecting the right solution stack, optimizing your internal processes, and positioning your value to prospects.


What You’ll Learn: 

Establishing your business model and operating in the cloud

– Choosing products and services to build your solution stack

– Optimizing internal processes with tools, documents, and security best practices

– Determining your value, choosing pricing models, and positioning to clients


Who Should Enroll: 

– MSPs who are just getting started

– Those looking to move from the break-fix model into managed services

– Those looking to start an MSP business from scratch

– Small IT business owners wanting to build their first MSP stack

Security Foundations

Improve and strengthen current security postures

Gain a strong understanding of the threats to your business and your clients as well as how to communicate those risks to your clients. Learn how to develop your security practice to increase profits and defensibility by aligning to Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls v8.


What You’ll Learn: 

– How to be defensible when securing your own environment

– The basics of a control framework in relation to both your business and your clients

– How any control framework increases your defensibility

– How to explain what security is really all about to your clients


Who Should Enroll: 

– MSPs looking to build security offerings into their client solutions

– MSPs who want to deepen their cybersecurity knowledge

– Everyone! Strong cybersecurity is critical for every business

Stack Foundations

Accelerate revenue growth with a proven tech stack.

Learn how to price, sell, deploy, and support a proven, standardized technology stack designed around industry best practices, what successful partners are offering, and ease of implementation and ongoing management. 


What You’ll Learn:  

  • Building a standardized stack offering 
  • Managing and supporting all the elements in the stack 
  • Going to market with the stack 


Who Should Enroll:  

  • MSPs who want to standardize their offerings 
  • MSPs who have recently completed Cloud Foundations 
  • MSPs looking to move from break/fix to managed services 


Azure Foundations

Gain hands-on knowledge of Azure

Learn why the Microsoft Cloud is the right fit for your business. Develop the technical fundamentals for pricing, selling, deploying, and managing key Azure technologies. Course is led by tenured Pax8 engineers who deploy and empower Azure resources every day. 


What You’ll Learn: 

– Introduction to Cloud and Azure concepts  

– Moving to the Cloud Identity  

– Navigating the Azure Portal  

– IaaS through a guided build out  


Who Should Enroll: 

– Small and medium MSPs looking to learn Azure fundamentals  

– Those wanting to expand into the technical space to serve clients  

– Anyone who has turned down an Azure opportunity because of lack of experience  

Microsoft 365 Foundations

Build a foundational understanding of Microsoft 365

This course covers all the critical tools the suite offers for managing users, devices, and employee experiences to drive Modern Workplace solutions in the SMB arena. Taught by tenured Pax8 engineers.


What You’ll Learn: 

– The build process in a real Microsoft 365 environment

– Managing devices with Intune

– Protecting clients from threats with Defender for Office 365


Who Should Enroll: 

– A technical audience looking to learn Microsoft 365 Business Premium

– Those with a fundamental knowledge of Office 365

Contracts & Agreements

Build an understanding of legal best practices

Learn about all types of employee, company, and client agreements and how they need to be aligned. This course is for informational and educational purposes and does not replace the need for legal advice.


What You’ll Learn: 

– The difference between internal and external contracts

– Customizing a client-facing agreement structure for your business

– Employee agreements and how they protect both your business and clients


Who Should Enroll:

Partners looking to increase their knowledge of agreement and contracts and how they relate to service delivery.

Service Management

Grow the service manager role for your MSP

Learn best practices and a practical approach to successfully develop your service manager role along with steps to overcome the common challenges to success in the role.


What You’ll Learn: 

– Defining the role and its boundaries

– Principles of consistent service delivery and team management

– Getting team buy in


Who Should Enroll: 

– Current service managers too busy to show a measurable impact  

– Anyone transiting from another role or industry 

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