Powered by Pax8, Nordic MSP achieves 27% annual growth and unprecedented business efficiency


Lack of automation caused a significant barrier to efficiency

Since the company was founded in 2010, Delecsys AB has grown from a small team of six people in Gothenburg to a leading MSP covering Stockholm and Malmö, the two largest cities in Sweden. With 20 employees to date, they are now at the forefront of delivering premium IT and technology solutions to more than 100 clients in the region. In the initial stages of their MSP business, Delecsys AB was successful in billing their clients manually. However, as the company’s client base grew, the manual licensing process became increasingly challenging to manage.


“Our previous distributor provided us with lists of licences in the form of handouts. So, every month we had to check manually if the billing was correct. Not only was this process very time-consuming and boring, but it also made keeping track of all the licences increasingly difficult.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


Klamers understood that scaling his business and improving the productivity of his team meant eliminating labour-intensive tasks.


“We have a limited number of staff, and we needed to have a smooth and automatic system to manage our billing and handle all the repetitive tasks.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


Pax8 PSA integration eliminated operational bottlenecks

Delecsys AB needed an effective way to solve their billing pain points and simplify their cloud-selling experience. Their search for a reliable solution led them to Pax8 and the seamless PSA integrations it offers. By utilising the Pax8 Marketplace, Klamers and his team could automate their manual billing processes and streamline their business operations.


“We learned that Pax8 offers an integration with our system, Autotask, and that was one of the key selling points to us. Once we started to communicate with Pax8 representatives, within just a couple of months we decided to move our cloud business from a legacy distributor to Pax8 because the service offering was very convincing, and my employees liked the idea of automating manual processes.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


From painless onboarding and successful migration to receiving transparent information at every stage of the process, switching to Pax8 proved to be the best decision from the very beginning.


“We did our onboarding in February 2021, and it was very smooth. Pax8 kept us well informed every step of the way about what exactly was going to happen.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


Moving forward confidently with the leading market player

In his search for a cloud provider, Klamers was looking for a knowledgeable and reliable partner that could deliver top-notch services and excellent support. One of the benefits Delecsys AB enjoys most about their partnership with Pax8 is the complete confidence they have in Pax8 as the leader in cloud distribution.


“We saw that Pax8 is a large player in this industry. In the tech field, everything moves quite fast, and we feel very secure about working with a large player that can confidently and promptly handle the challenges we face.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB

Simplifying cloud business with the groundbreaking Pax8 Marketplace

Managing business through a modern cloud marketplace that constantly evolves to meet the growing demands of clients offers a massive advantage to MSPs. Delecsys AB derived this benefit from the Pax8 Marketplace, which consolidates billing, automates provisioning, and improves workflow efficiencies in one central location.


“The Pax8 Marketplace and its tools that we’re working with are quite stable and solid. We don’t want to navigate too many portals to help our clients, and the Pax8 Marketplace simplifies this for us by consolidating everything we need into a single platform.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


When asked what else he particularly appreciates about the Pax8 Marketplace, Klamers highlighted its user-friendliness and the sheer simplicity of its interface.


“Although most of our technical staff were content using our previous distributor’s portal, that held our Microsoft Office licences, they say that the Pax8 Marketplace is much easier to work with.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB

Filling gaps in the technology stack with the expansive Pax8 vendor line card

A successful MSP business requires the right and most comprehensive technology stack. Klamers confirms that building a complete tech stack is a powerful key to maximising business success and reinforcing an MSP’s role as a trusted adviser for all of their clients’ technology needs.


“Pax8 has a big portfolio of vendors, and we are now able to explore a number of different cloud solutions to attain the best possible results for our clients. Recently we have been looking into solutions, such as SkyKick, to extend our automation capabilities.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


In the age of digital transformation, Klamers acknowledges a surging increase in the number of cyberattacks over the past year and emphasises the significance of strengthening his company’s security posture by adding security solutions to their portfolio of offerings.


“Security is very important to our cloud business as the threat of cyberattacks is continually rising. We need to work on that all the time, and we’re now exploring security solutions available to us through the Pax8 Marketplace.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB

Clearing up Microsoft complexities through education and enablement

Although Microsoft is the cornerstone of modern business technology, most MSPs need help understanding the intricacies of Microsoft solutions to drive more market adoption. Pax8 helps Delecsys AB navigate their way through Microsoft complexities to enable them to maximise the value of their Microsoft potential.


“We don’t want to put too much time into figuring out Microsoft’s complexities – we want to give our full attention to utilising its solutions. But working directly with Microsoft is not easy, and Pax8 is taking a significant part of that frustration off our shoulders.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


The Delecsys AB team are also very happy with the fact that Pax8 experts help them stay current on the latest changes to Microsoft products and programmes. This creates an opportunity for the MSP to take advantage of all the available features, benefits, and opportunities that Microsoft has to offer.


“Pax8 provides us with excellent information about the changes Microsoft makes. My employees have been attending web meetings organised by Pax8, which help us keep track of all the updates in a timely manner.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB

Prompt response and customer support in the local language

Another thing that Klamers appreciates about partnering with Pax8 is that dedicated channel account managers always provide a quick response to their questions and expertly deal with their requests.


“We are very happy with the service provided by Pax8. Whenever we reach out to our account managers, they get back to us very quickly, and they are always available to work with us.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


Pax8 has a multilingual team assisting its partners in their own languages. Klamers sees this as a great asset, enabling his team to easily communicate their needs and receive assistance in the language they are most comfortable with.


“It’s always easier for us to express our feelings and explain our needs to our account managers in our native language. In addition, having Pax8 representatives from our own country offers us a big advantage as they are aware of Swedish laws and regulations.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB


Time maximised, business efficiency enhanced, client relationships improved

Optimising their workflows with a PSA integration offered by Pax8 helped Delecsys AB maximise their most valuable asset – time. Shifting from complex manual work to automated processes enabled Delecsys AB to experience greater overall operational efficiency and free up their time spent on laborious admin tasks. This allowed the company’s employees to concentrate on other important aspects of business, leading to enhanced team productivity and higher client satisfaction.


“Automating our manual tasks with a PSA tool we utilise through the Pax8 Marketplace has improved the efficiency of our processes and increased the quality of our client services, eliminating many additional hours we used to spend on each administrative task.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB

Flying high with phenomenal growth

Leveraging automation, utilising leading technologies on the Pax8 Marketplace, benefitting from top-tier services, and getting first-class support empowered Delecsys AB to phenomenally increase their annual cloud revenue and consistently scale their client base.


“2022 was a very successful year for us, and we experienced 27% annual growth. Pax8 has definitely had a big impact on our growth and success to date. As the number of our clients increases, so does the number of our employees.” – Anders Klamers, CEO of Delecsys AB

About Delecsys AB

Delecsys AB is a top-tier managed service provider, delivering comprehensive IT solutions to ensure hassle-free daily operations for their clients. With over 20 years of experience, the company offers tailor-made services to businesses in major cities across Sweden, encompassing digitisation, server management, backup, and hardware procurement. Delecsys AB is committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions that help their clients save time and money.

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