MSP achieves increased revenue by leveraging the Pax8 Professional Services and world-class Marketplace


Uncommunicative account management and limited in-house bandwidth

While partnering with a well-known cloud distributor, Single Source ICT found that communication with their account manager was lacking. The team wasn’t getting key updates and missed out on thousands of pounds through missed rebates from Microsoft. After an extended period of struggling to communicate effectively, Single Source ICT decided to look for an alternative.


After connecting with a Pax8 representative, the leadership team at Single Source ICT realised that they didn’t have to miss out on countless rebates. The MSP learnt how its Pax8 account manager would keep them updated with key information, and all the business’ related issues were addressed in one call.


“Working with Pax8 was a gamechanger for Single Source ICT. Missing out on so many rebates was costly to our business. Our account manager at Pax8 has been much better at keeping us in the loop where Microsoft is concerned.” – James Tyner, Director of Single Source ICT


As an ambitious but small MSP, Single Source ICT wanted to grow their business and reach larger clients more effectively but didn’t have the training or workforce in-house to do so. The business’ leaders knew that they’d have to outsource to help Single Source ICT meet their growth ambitions and deliver those services when needed.


After scouring the internet for a cloud provider that would be easier to contact, the MSP’s Head of Technology identified Pax8.


Seamless license provisioning and an upskilled project

Single Source ICT was initially drawn to the world-class account management offered by Pax8, but soon started leveraging the consultancy offering to take its business to the next level. Partnering with Pax8 meant that the MSP gained access to the world-class Pax8 Marketplace. James Tyner, Director of Single Source ICT, says that the marketplace is a significantly better portal than those offered by alternative cloud providers. The MSP can browse and provision an array of vendor licenses within seconds.


“The Pax8 Marketplace has made the ordering and provisioning process a lot easier. The system is a lot more intuitive than the alternatives.” – James Tyner, Director of Single Source ICT


The leadership team at Single Source ICT expressed its ambitions to review customers’ Microsoft 365 tenants and recommend best practices and cost-saving initiatives to the company’s Pax8 account manager. James Tyner says that the MSP didn’t currently have the staffing or skills to deliver these more complex projects in-house and recognised that outsourcing these projects to a third party and leveraging their skillset was the best way to take Single Source ICT to the next level.


James Tyner and Pax8 Professional Services connected and after two introductory scoping calls, he came away with a thorough understanding of what Pax8 could deliver with Microsoft 365. It was clear that Pax8 Professional Services would play a key role in helping Single Source ICT achieve its goal of rapidly scaling and supporting its clients.


Soon after the introductory calls, Single Source ICT embarked on its first project with Professional Services – building out a tenant for the auto-enrolment of new devices. Alongside the project deliverables, the MSP was able to upskill and train its workforce by arranging for the team to shadow their dedicated Pax8 engineer assigned for the project’s duration. Following the completion of the first project, the Single Source ICT leadership team recognised the value offered by Professional Services and arranged a retainer contract for Pax8 to support Single Source ICT on a variety of projects.


Flexible and variable support, whenever the MSP needs it

Since entering into the contracted retainer with Pax8 Professional Services, Single Source ICT has significantly boosted its productivity and delivered projects that would previously have been unachievable. The MSP has achieved higher revenues and greater profits as a result.


“Professional Services has offered great value to Single Source ICT. The Pax8 consultants are very skilled in their field and will take the time to bring the best possible value to your business.” – James Tyner, Director of Single Source ICT


The flexible nature of the retainer means that Pax8 can offer support to Single Source ICT on an ad-hoc basis, and across a variety of projects. From training, reselling, consultancy, and project support, Tyner knows that Professional Services is in his business’ corner.


“Since working with Professional Services to deliver more exciting projects, Single Source ICT has been held in higher regard by our clients. The ability to deliver projects with deeper back-end services has been transformational.” – James Tyner, Director of Single Source ICT


The MSP says that by bringing additional value to the Single Source ICT offering, Pax8 Professional Services has delivered increased opportunities for financial benefits and growth.


Substantial business growth now and into the future

Since partnering with Pax8, Single Source ICT has experienced significant growth. By working with the Pax8 team of industry experts, the MSP has trained its team and delivered world-class projects to their clients without stretching the organisation’s bandwidth.


James Tyner says that Single Source ICT aims to grow by at least 25% by the end of 2022 in terms of revenue and margins.


“Pax8 will play a key role in this by being Single Source ICT’s go-to for software licenses and delivering the projects that the business cannot deliver internally.” – James Tyner, Director of Single Source ICT

About Single Source ICT

Founded in 2014, Single Source ICT is an ambitious and forward-thinking MSP, whose mission is to help organisations to modernise and reach their goals through effective IT strategies. While it’s often the case that Single Source ICT’s clients regard IT as a necessary evil for business operations, the organisation changes their clients’ mindsets by framing technology as an enabling tool and an asset. In short, Single Source ICT helps customers to achieve their target growth through IT.

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