Pax8 fuels 30% growth and maximises efficiency for German MSP


Unreliable distributor and inaccurate provisioning

pikoworks started out as a one-man band in 2010. Drawing upon almost 20 years of professional experience in the IT industry, Daniel Richers, the company’s founder, leveraged his expertise to build a successful MSP business. From taking on a single trainee, the company has since grown into a team of 12 people, serving nearly 400 clients across a wide range of sectors. Despite this success, the company’s business efficiency was hampered by an unreliable distributor that created recurring problems with licence management.


“With our previous Microsoft CSP distributor, we constantly experienced discrepancies between the licences we purchased and the licences we provided to our customers. Every month, I had to manually track which licences were added or removed and manually adjust the contracts by upgrading or downgrading subscriptions, which was very time-consuming.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks


Trusted partner and industry-leading PSA integration

Richers recognised automation as the key to successfully managing internal operations. To address the challenges of manual licensing processes, he decided to partner with Pax8 and benefit from its seamless professional services automation (PSA) integrations.


“I was searching for a reliable partner and platform that could sync our licences into our PSA tool. Pax8 stood out as the first and only distributor offering Autotask integration in Germany. After testing the system out with a few licences, we were very impressed with the results and decided to move all of our Microsoft CSP business to Pax8.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks


The partnership has proved to be so successful for pikoworks that they are planning to step into a bright future with Pax8.


“Now there are other distributors in the market offering synchronisation directly with Autotask, but I don’t see any reason to switch. We have complete trust in the expertise of the Pax8 team and can gain unique benefits that no other provider offers in the region.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks


Pax8 Marketplace: a catalogue of best-in-class vendors

The innovative Pax8 Marketplace offers top-tier cloud solutions in the market, and Richers considers this easy access to the constantly-expanding list of vendors as a significant advantage.


“Pax8 Marketplace offers a wide range of vendors and automation that enables instant purchasing of licences and quick provisioning. Its user-friendly interface allows us to manage our licences easily and effectively, ensuring that we can order exactly what we need when we need it – without the need to place orders weeks in advance.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks


With the recent addition of Adobe solutions to the Pax8 Marketplace, Richers feels confident that his business will have a hassle-free licensing experience.


“Acquiring new licences for our clients is a cumbersome process that involves contacting Adobe, obtaining the correct licence model, requesting a quote, and presenting the offer to our clients. Also, the annual subscription renewal process is always a hassle. Now I am happy that we can easily order our licences through the Pax8 Marketplace and have a knowledgeable partner that can assist us in booking right licences.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks

Game-changing consolidated billing

Collaborating with Pax8 has substantially streamlined pikoworks’ administrative tasks by batching hundreds of invoices into one document for monthly, annual, and usage-based billing.


“Consolidating all individual invoices into a single one has greatly simplified our business processes. With just one invoice to control and pay, we can now easily manage our billing.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks

Unmatched support and dedicated account management

Among other benefits, Richers appreciates having a one-on-one account manager and a responsive technical support team that provide him with tailored solutions and peace of mind.


“I have consistently received exceptional support from Pax8 team members. They are always prompt in responding to my tickets and emails. Additionally, having a dedicated account manager has been incredibly valuable as it provides me with a single point of contact for any issues or suggestions I may have. With the Pax8 team by my side, I feel supported and never alone.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks


Automation saves hours of time and increases efficiency

Utilising a Pax8 PSA integration was a major step towards maximising pikoworks’ time and boosting their operational efficiency.


“Thanks to the automation provided by Pax8 Marketplace, the half-day billing and invoicing process now takes only five to 10 minutes per month. This has remarkably improved our efficiency and simplified our operations.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks

Streamlined processes drive impressive growth

Optimising their workflows with a PSA integration ultimately enabled pikoworks to unlock the greatest benefit of all – remarkable growth.


“By optimising our internal processes, Pax8 has been instrumental in supporting our year-over-year growth of 30%. With the ability to book new licences in just two to three minutes, we can now spend our time focusing on other crucial tasks and further grow our business.” – Daniel Richers, Owner of pikoworks

About pikoworks

Founded in 2010, pikoworks is a forward-thinking MSP that provides comprehensive IT services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Germany. From hardware and software solutions to network infrastructure and security, the company offers diverse solutions to meet the unique needs of SMBs. With extensive experience in the IT industry, pikoworks has a track record of delivering top-notch cloud solutions and high-quality support to a wide range of clients across various sectors, including retail and e-commerce, engineering, media, and healthcare.

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