Pax8 partnership propels French MSP to 25% annual growth and increased efficiency


Growth hindered by incompetent distributor and inefficient billing process

Digicab was founded in 2019 with the aim of helping accounting companies in France move to the cloud and digitise their operations. The company was established by Cedric Bigay, who had previously worked as an IT engineer in accounting firms for six years before deciding to strike out on his own. Starting with just five clients, the MSP has now grown to serve more than 50 clients from diverse sectors.


However, the company’s growth was jeopardised by the incompetence of its previous distributor.


“Our previous distributor caused us significant financial losses and major operational issues. The support team lacked technical expertise, and whenever we raised a ticket, it would take them one to two months to respond. This delay caused a huge problem for us and for our clients, and we often had to find solutions to address their issues ourselves.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab


The inefficient billing procedure proved to be another major headache for Digicab, costing them both time and money.


“The billing process with our previous distributor was a nightmare. The invoices were indecipherable, making it impossible for us to bill our clients effectively. Additionally, being charged for unused services caused us financial issues.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab


True partner experience makes all the difference

Bigay says that in the channel ecosystem it is extremely hard to work directly with vendors as, most of the time, MSPs are redirected to distributors that lack product knowledge and understanding of their clients’ needs.


While searching for a qualified new provider, Bigay came across Pax8 on Reddit, where it was highly recommended by other MSPs in the IT community.


“We were in dire need of a reliable and efficient partner. Among all the market players, we chose Pax8 because it was the only MSP-centric distributor with the technical knowledge and expertise we needed.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab


With Pax8, Digicab now enjoys a true partner experience.


“Pax8 is always here for us, in contrast to other distributors who treated us as just a number in their spreadsheet and a cash machine.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab


Unified billing through a single marketplace

By consolidating the billing data, Pax8 Marketplace delivers a single, easy-to-read invoice for Digicab and visually reports on their month-over-month revenue.


“Pax8 Marketplace is incredibly user-friendly and provides us with crystal-clear visibility of our cost per client and margin.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab

Fast and superior technical support

With 24/7 technical support from its in-house service delivery managers, Bigay considers Pax8 as an ideal partner for his business needs. Pax8 promptly and effectively resolves support tickets for Digicab, ensuring that their business operations run smoothly.


“The Pax8 support team respond to our requests with remarkable speed and follow up diligently on open tickets. They truly listen to our needs and expertly adapt to the unique demands of the French market.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab

Pax8 Professional Services for further success

Bigay sees Pax8 Professional Services as a big advantage when it comes to transforming his cloud business and accelerating his growth. He is planning to benefit from one particular offering – the Partner Transformation programme – to unlock growth opportunities and reach new heights.


“Our next step is to harness the power of the Pax8 Partner Transformation programme to pinpoint any process roadblocks and build an effective marketing and sales strategy to drive new business growth.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab


Strong partnership fuels remarkable growth

Partnering with Pax8 has helped Digicab achieve impressive growth and accelerate the company’s progress towards its business goals.


“Our year-over-year financial growth is around 25%, and Pax8 has been instrumental in propelling our business forward. Knowing that we have a reliable partner by our side every step of the way provides us with a sense of security to expand our business.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab

Streamlined billing drives enhanced efficiency and client relations

With greater efficiency through simplified billing, Digicab can now invest more time in their revenue-generating activities and serve their clients better.


“With Pax8, we’ve made substantial strides in improving our invoicing process, resulting in greater efficiency and improved client satisfaction. Our response time to support tickets has been dramatically reduced, allowing us to maintain our reputation and free up time to focus on growing our business and acquiring new clients.” – Cedric Bigay, Founder of Digicab

About Digicab

Established in 2019, Digicab helps small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in France seamlessly transition to the cloud and adopt the latest digital technologies. Initially consisting of two employees, Digicab has now rapidly expanded into a team of eight people to serve clients from diverse sectors – ranging from accounting, financial services, education and training to construction. Digicab’s commitment to providing exceptional client service and cutting-edge technology solutions has earned them a reputation as a trusted IT partner for SMBs operating in France.

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