Dutch MSP unlocks growth and drives market expansion with Pax8


Technology gaps and lack of adequate support

PeopleRock was founded in 2020 in the Netherlands by IT consultants with a strong passion for delivering best-in-class cloud services to their clients. While shaping their brand identity, they recognised the paramount importance of people in their business philosophy and sought to incorporate ‘people’ into their company name. To add a distinctive touch, they combined it with their shared affinity for rock music, giving birth to the PeopleRock brand.

The company embarked on its journey with great success but soon encountered challenges along the way. The team lacked access to the essential technology solutions required to meet the increasing demands of their clients. Furthermore, their previous distributors failed to provide the level of support they needed, creating a significant roadblock on their path to success.

“Previously, we worked with non-partner distributors to shop around for solutions. Due to this method, we couldn’t get the support needed in this rapidly changing world.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock


Synergistic partnership with Pax8

To sustain and further accelerate their growth, PeopleRock recognised the need for a reliable partner. The vision of Pax8 aligns perfectly with this goal by offering a Marketplace that drives partner growth through innovative solutions. Löke cites this as one of the primary reasons for choosing Pax8 as their partner. According to him, sharing the same mindset and work ethic with Pax8 enhances the collaboration and elevates their business further.

“Pax8 is undoubtedly a disruptor in the distribution market due to its innovative approach to working with partners. It’s something I have not seen in other distributors.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

By providing top-notch technology solutions and world-class support, Pax8 effectively addressed PeopleRock’s challenges.

“With Pax8 as our partner, we can quickly respond to our clients’ enquiries about licensing issues and access technical support on products. Additionally, Pax8 provides comprehensive insights into new products and their benefits, enabling us to offer more detailed advice to our clients when they face business challenges.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock


Maximising business potential

The Pax8 partnership presented a wealth of advantages for PeopleRock, fundamentally enhancing their business landscape and giving them a distinct competitive edge in the market.

“Pax8 has helped us stand out in the market by expanding our product offerings. This sets us apart as a consultancy that can also deliver unique solutions that other companies do not offer.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

By providing the latest technology advancements, enhanced cloud solutions and world-class support, Pax8 has empowered PeopleRock to seize untapped market opportunities.

“With Pax8 as our supporting partner providing services, products, support, and the innovative Marketplace, we’ve discovered entirely new market opportunities. This empowers us to expand our client base and reach new clients.”
– Bas Broeren, Co-founder of PeopleRock

Access to top-tier vendors through the Pax8 Marketplace

Another notable benefit stemming from the Pax8 partnership is getting access to carefully curated, world-class vendors through the Pax8 Marketplace, enabling PeopleRock to deliver premium solutions to their clients.

“Pax8 Marketplace helps us serve our clients better and offer better products that we couldn’t provide before partnering with Pax8.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

With Acronis at the core as a cost-effective and efficient continuity solution, PeopleRock also leverages Valimail, Vade and Exclaimer for comprehensive cloud offerings.

“With the help of Pax8, we seamlessly integrated Acronis as the optimal tech offering, providing our client with a more efficient backup solution at a reduced cost.”
– Bas Broeren, Co-founder of PeopleRock

As a managed service provider (MSP), PeopleRock recognises the critical importance of securing both their own business and those of their clients, particularly with the enforcement of recent EU cybersecurity legislations like the NIS2 Directive. To fortify their security practice, they utilise a range of security solutions within the Pax8 Marketplace. Notably, Microsoft takes the forefront, delivering the Defender suite for enterprise clients. Acronis complements this with data protection for servers, alongside its backup and data recovery capabilities. Additionally, PeopleRock benefits from Keeper Security to protect their clients’ passwords, enabling secure storage and sharing.

“Security solutions are crucial for us to offer to our clients because a secure work environment is vital for any business. When their workplace is secure, they can focus on doing more and being more productive.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

Exceptional support and account management

Löke describes his experience with the Pax8 support team as really amazing. Consistently getting prompt responses to their requests ensures a streamlined and efficient workflow for the business.

“I appreciate having a single point of contact – our Pax8 support agent – who efficiently liaises with vendors on our behalf, sparing us from direct vendor communication.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

Löke holds the collaboration with their dedicated Pax8 account manager in high regard, considering it one of the most outstanding experiences in their business.

“Our partnership with Pax8 is greatly enhanced by our exceptional account manager, Yasemin. Whenever we need assistance, she is relentless in tackling the issue until it’s resolved, ensuring we get the answers and solutions we seek.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

Expanding horizons with Pax8 events

Pax8 hosts several events throughout the year in the UK and mainland Europe, which Löke views as a great opportunity. Attending the Pax8 Mission Briefing in the Netherlands, where he also served as a speaker on the partner panel, allowed him to engage with fellow partners and gain valuable insights.

“More recently, attending the Pax8 Mission Briefing in the UK offered me a fresh perspective on the UK market, enriching our understanding in a way we hadn’t experienced before.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock


Market expansion and growth unlocked

The partnership with Pax8 has opened up new opportunities for PeopleRock to attract more clients due to their expanded offerings, ultimately fuelling their business growth. From a standard Microsoft Workplace project, PeopleRock progressed to offer Microsoft licences alongside backup and password solutions, leading to a significant boost in their market expansion.

“Partnering with Pax8 has been wonderful, and we’ve experienced significant growth as a result. One of the most beneficial aspects is our expanded tech stack, allowing us to offer a wider range of products and services to our clients, resulting in our company’s substantial growth.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

Business efficiency improved

Partnering with Pax8 has also led to remarkable improvements in PeopleRock’s business operations. Leveraging the user-friendly Pax8 self-service portal and automation tools has allowed the company to deliver products and services with increased efficiency.

“Pax8 has significantly streamlined our business processes. We can now deliver more products to our clients faster and with greater ease than ever before.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

Client satisfaction increased

PeopleRock grants their clients access to the easy-to-use Pax8 portal, providing them with the convenience and autonomy to procure licences independently. Consequently, the company’s client satisfaction rate has reached remarkable heights.

“Since working with Pax8, we’ve seen a significant increase in our client satisfaction. Our clients appreciate the ability to order products and services themselves, enjoying the freedom to do what they want without unnecessary intermediaries.”
– Tycho Löke, Technical Consultant at PeopleRock

About PeopleRock

Based in the Netherlands, PeopleRock is a trusted managed service provider (MSP) delivering cutting-edge IT solutions tailored to their clients’ specific needs. Leveraging the latest project management techniques, the company specialises in designing and implementing ICT environments that align with functional requirements. By delivering sustainable solutions and top-tier consultancy services, PeopleRock frees clients from IT concerns, enabling them to focus on their core business activities.

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