Trailblazing success in European market: German MSP seizes growth opportunity with Pax8


Limited resources to expand business

aixpedIT was founded in October 2022 with a mission to become a leading cloud broker, specialising in delivering top-tier cloud solutions from industry leaders like Microsoft. However, their vision expanded further as they ventured into the realm of cybersecurity, driven not only by market demand but also by the exceptional skills developed within their team.

The journey to expand their services and address diverse client needs alongside complex business models brought its own set of challenges, particularly in managed services, where managing an extensive range of licences is a considerable undertaking. To overcome this challenge, aixpedIT needed a steadfast partner that could provide the essential support and deliver efficient solutions capable of resolving these complexities with ease.

“We wanted to expand our business with our own security operations centre and develop more services. Billing all the licences presented an extra challenge, but Pax8 delivered a great system that solves everything very smoothly.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT


Seizing market opportunities with Pax8

While building a lasting partnership, Ghys recognises the significance of having a partner that not only provides the necessary technology but also fosters personal relationships. Pax8 technology is backed by a partner experience that provides responsive support alongside the education and resources needed to fuel business growth.

“With Pax8, it was the personal connection that initially forged our business partnership. The Marketplace and technology we leverage complemented this.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT

In the course of this partnership, an exciting opportunity arose when aixpedIT engaged with a potential client seeking a cost-effective and efficient cybersecurity solution tailored to their specific requirements and complying with their high security standards. As the exclusive provider of Pillr solutions in Europe, Pax8 empowered aixpedIT to capitalise on this market opportunity.

With support from Pax8, aixpedIT conducted a proof of concept (PoC) centred around Pillr solutions over several months. This allowed aixpedIT to address their client’s specific needs in a flexible manner, accommodating peak loads and meticulously accounting for usage. By integrating their proprietary software with Pillr, aixpedIT developed a unique product tailored to the German market.

The end result was the development of a highly adaptable service that ensured aixpedIT won the trust and business of their client, Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof GmbH.

“Throughout the proof of concept, Pax8 helped us be in direct contact with the vendor and provided excellent support. That’s how we won our client.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT


World-class cloud Marketplace for all technology needs

Pax8 Marketplace serves as a one-stop shop for managed service providers (MSPs), providing a wide array of cutting-edge solutions from industry-leading vendors. Whether the goal is fortifying cybersecurity, enhancing productivity or meeting diverse client needs, aixpedIT leverages various technology solutions – including Microsoft, Pillr, Proofpoint and Adobe – all sourced from the Pax8 Marketplace, to propel their business forward.

“We acquire anything and everything our clients need through the Pax8 Marketplace.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT

Another notable advantage of partnering with Pax8, as emphasised by Ghys, is the competitive pricing for cloud licences.

“The most important advantage of procuring our licences through the Pax8 Marketplace is the combination of personal contact and the commercial parameters. In the end, it’s about trading licences, and the price must be right.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT

Exceptional and reliable support

Ghys also highlights the exceptional support provided by Pax8 during the critical phase of running the PoC. He appreciates receiving swift answers to their enquiries and efficient solutions to their accounting and digitalisation issues.

“Pax8 is a reliable partner for me as an MSP, because the personal level works great. Our contact person is always available and really cares and brings our concerns forward.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT

Reflecting on his experience with Pax8, Ghys describes it as professional, personal and very efficient.

“I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend Pax8 as a partner to other MSPs, because the personal and professional contact today is a total unique selling point (USP).”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT


Accelerated growth and business expansion

Getting access to the Pax8 Marketplace and utilising Pillr solutions played a crucial role in aixpedIT’s business expansion, enabling them to establish a cloud-based security operations centre service. Consequently, the company expanded its services beyond its existing clients and formed partnerships with other MSPs, enabling them to offer similar services.

“Pax8 had a very positive impact on our business figures. Through the cooperation, we’re enabling a massive portfolio of solutions that we can offer to our clients at a good margin and with friendly personal contact.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT

Streamlined business operations

The partnership with Pax8 also yielded substantial improvements in aixpedIT’s business operations.

“Pax8 greatly assisted us in implementing our business processes as they were delivered prefabricated, allowing for easy integration.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT

Increased competitive edge

In the managed services landscape, standing out from the crowd is challenging. Pax8 provides its partners with innovative technology and best-in-class support to help them remain competitive in the market, as evidenced by aixpedIT’s experience.

“Our partnership with Pax8 has allowed us to distinguish ourselves from our competitors by offering an extensive range of licences and a wide array of services.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT

Improved client relations

aixpedIT also achieved a marked improvement in their client relations as a result of their collaboration with Pax8.

“Pax8’s excellent support has even allowed us to improve our client relationships, because we were able to respond super fast to very specific requests.”
– Patrick Ghys, CEO of aixpedIT

About aixpedIT

Based in Germany, aixpedIT is a fast-growing MSP providing a comprehensive range of services, with a strong focus on cloud security, cloud orchestration, adoption and change management, and cloud devices. Their core philosophy revolves around integrating security and productivity, aimed at empowering their clients to achieve both seamlessly. Through their innovative Security Operations Centre as a Service, aixpedIT delivers tailored solutions that not only fortify security but also boost productivity, optimise business processes and meet the diverse needs of their clients.

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