Nick Heddy

Nick Heddy headshot

As the Chief Revenue Officer, it is my job to remove all obstacles between our partners and the optimization of their revenue. I am always looking for new ways to innovate and bring fresh ideas into our ecosystem.


I am inspired by great leadership. To me, this means purposeful intent to have a significant impact on a market or an industry. Our team embodies the belief that we can do anything we set as our goals. This combination motivates me every day, and I share that motivation with those I interact with.


I am incredibly driven by the work I do each day to enable the success of those who work with me and those we serve within our partner community. As one of the youngest CROs in the industry, I set the bar high for myself and those on my team. Even though I am a leader, I consider myself a student who is always learning. I believe luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Be prepared for when you get your first shot to do something big.


As an avid outdoorsman and hunter, I enjoy being on the mountain to see the sunrise and sunset. Being one with nature brings me back to center at times when I can feel the pressures of the world.


The best advice I would give is to think bigger, because you can do anything.