Jessica Maria

Jessica Maria headshot

Pax8 is bold and disruptive. As a company, Pax8 is less concerned about the competition and what everyone else is doing than about the future of distribution and what partners will need in the days, months, and years ahead to be in a position to disrupt their own markets. I love the innovative, electric energy that inspires the team.


I have a great deal of experience in the telecom and IT channels, spanning years, markets, and continents. And, I am a writer at heart. Even though my career has grown beyond a pure writing role, I love almost nothing more than conveying complex ideas in writing — inspiring people to take action, learn something new, or make a connection.


As cliché as it may be, my children inspire me. My two boys inspire me every day to be a better human – not just as their mother, but in every facet. Becoming a parent is the single most humbling experience of my life so far. Before my first son was born, I thought I knew so much more than I actually did. He and his younger brother have taught me a capacity for love that I couldn’t comprehend before they existed. They have taught me tolerance, flexibility, integrity, and deep empathy. I want to be the kind of person that makes them proud, which influences every choice I make.


My biggest interest is traveling. The travel bug bit me hard in college, and I went everywhere I realistically could. Unfortunately, these days the vast majority of my travel is for business, not pleasure.


Two of the most important characteristics a person can possess are competency and accuracy. Competency doesn’t mean you always do it right or that you always know what to do. Instead, the most competent people know their limits and recognize and embrace strengths in others. If you’re accountable — truly accountable — you are humble, and you are honest. You own your decisions and the results of your actions (or inactions). A team of people who are genuinely competent and accountable is unstoppable.